New Too Human Screens

Microsoft and Silicon Knights lifted the lid on the epic and epically late Too Human to press at GDC tonight, giving us hands-on time with the game after an extended presentation by Denis Dyack

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sonarus3744d ago

no offence to too human fans but dosent look that pretty to me. Its hard for me to judge a game's graphics unless i know what kind of game it is but the visuals dnt impress me. If the game was open world maybe but i know its not

JasonPC360PS3Wii3744d ago (Edited 3744d ago )

All one has to do is read your past comments. Your comments read "PS3 FAN" with big blinking red lights and arrows pointing at it. I at least put 360 in my name. I can almost see the pouty look on your face and the jealous anger in your eyes.

kevoncox3744d ago (Edited 3744d ago )

You both are haters( not you Jason). The game looks great. The In game cut scenes are great the animations need more work but perharps they are suppose to be like this. It's a game about mechanically enhanced persons. Why would they move like gracefully ninjas. I love the speed of the moves.
The player speed is a tad slow but to say the game looks bad is just idiotic. It's looking to be the most intresting game of 2008.

Your friends can just jump in and assist you. I love these types of games. It reminds me of PSO. I hope it's not as much room to room clearing but did you see the chracter screen it looked to have an orgy of status and powers. the dual wielding guns and swords. Jumping on the giansta back and stabbing him... The game looks like a game.

mistertwoturbo3744d ago

Uhh 360 game or not, Too Human visually isn't that impressive. Gameplay and story wise it might be different. I hope it ends up good though.

incogneato3744d ago

The graphics don't look good and the gameplay looks even worse if you watch the videos. Severely disappointed.

poos33743d ago

too human s looking like a contender for goty 2008 along with others gt4,fable 2,fallout 3,alan wake its a good year to be a gamer.

360_Rules3744d ago

All you PS driods you make me laugh. I guess all the bashing equals you are crying because you don't get to play this great game. This looks better then most PS3 games out now or in 2008. So I guess the 360 does have Exclusive games in 2008.

LaChance3743d ago

Like i said in another thread this site is just swarmed wirh PS3 fanboys.You cant read a 360 thread without people dissing for absolutely nothing.
Just look in the open zone , there's more angry ps3 fanboys than 360 gamers let alone fanboys.
This site is out of control.

green3744d ago

Game seems to be coming along nicely.IGN and Joystick preview of the game are very positive.This is going to be one of the most intriguing games to come out this year.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3744d ago

It sure is a big difference from what they showed at E3 a few years back. The gameplay was slow, sluggish, and the lock on didn't lock on. They say the entire game will be streamed but I'll wait see.

FirstknighT3744d ago (Edited 3744d ago )

I remember reading a cover story on EGM awhile ago about this game. They called it the best game ever created. But that was before the buggy demo that screwed it all up. But looks like they're back on track. Oh me liking 2008. :)

green3744d ago

At the presentation at GDC,the game loaded once at the begining and that was it.
I have been hyped up concerning this game for along time.What its bringing to the table has never been done before.Yes its a big risk but i am sure it will pay off when the game goes on sale

Fade_Walker3744d ago

it keeps getting better and better, now all i need is a release date!!!

come on!!

3 different systems

3 different publishers

4 different engines

16 years of development time

didn't get too serious after Eternal Darkness and MGS: Twin Snakes were done, then Nintendo wanted them to make "simpler games" and they said no and went to Microsoft

wageslave3743d ago

What are you talking about? Jealous much?

Just play Too Human.

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