David Jaffe a No show for GDC this year

David Jaffe will not be coming to GDC this year. He was sick last week therefore is far behind his work on his next project. Check out his blog for more information.

Note: I am going to GDC and i was looking forward to see him speak. Sad day.

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Mr Tretton3772d ago

pretty tired of hearing about this guy to be honest.

Speak when you have a game coming out.

bootsielon3772d ago

Just because he works for you it doesnt make him your b1tch, lol

Kleptic3772d ago

uh...Mr. are hearing from him mostly because he did just have a game come out...the site for Eat, Sleep, Play went live about 2 weeks ago, right around when Head On: ETE shipped...

in either case...can't wait for the PS3 Twisted Metal he is working on...I do agree with those who think he is a bit annoying to listen to, but can't deny how much I like his games...

gano3772d ago

Is fun. That's a respectable guy there, for real.

resonate3772d ago

One of my favorite devs. Jaffe is just so down to earth and speaks his mind. It's ashame he couldn't make GDC.

Xbox is the BEST3772d ago (Edited 3772d ago )

he's drunk passed out somewhere. J/K

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