Which Gaming Platform Had the Most Exclusives in 2012?

Eric Frederiksen:

On a fanciful whim, TechnoBuffalo’s Senior Gaming Editor Joey Davidson asked me, “Would you like to stare at a spreadsheet for 8 hours?”

Well of course I said yes. But no, I wasn’t playing Disgaea. Instead, I was data-mining Wikipedia’s various lists of games by platform to see which platforms had the most exclusive games.

As a caveat, I’ll note that these lists were compiled by humans, and then read by me, also a human, so there may be minor numerical errors, but the overall picture is accurate. There’s also probably more information a better miner of data could’ve pulled out of these spreadsheets, but here are our graphs and the conclusions we’ve reached. Also, due to the nature of PC gaming, there wasn’t one single place to get a complete list of games, so the closest we could find was the list of games released to Steam in 2012. This doesn’t account for a few EA games (none of which were PC-exclusive) or Blizzard’s games, Diablo III and Mists of Pandaria (along with, very likely, a few other big ones I’ve forgotten).

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Hellsvacancy1997d ago

Well we know its not the 360

Godchild10201997d ago

The PS3 didn't do much better either. I still think that list is a little off though. Are they just counting titles that were release in all areas and not counting titles released only in Japan or they count remakes; Ninja Garden Plus?

The PC is clearly the winner in this and the Vita (The one that has no games) came in second with almost 40 exclusive titles for the year.

Not bad at all.

DoomeDx1997d ago

Arent all Vita games exclusive?
(with the exception of Cross-play games, which are atm very few)

Zuperman1997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

hands down the PS3 ... OF THIS GEN.

amaguli1997d ago


Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward is on Vita and 3DS. You are right about the rest of the games though, at least to my knowledge.

Godchild10201997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )


No, there are quite a few that are on other platforms. Need for speed, Sonic & Sega All-Stars and I don't know if cross platform games count.

Ben 10 Galactic Racing
Blazblue continuum shift
F1 2011
All the Lego games
Madden & Fifa
Metal Gear Solid HD
Mortal Kombat
Plants VS Zombies
Retro City Rampage
Sine Mora
Spy hunter
Street Fighter X Tekken

All of those, plus more are on other platforms.

Norrison1997d ago

PC got more exclusives than ps3 a whole lot more, but ps3 does have a nice and varied collection of exclusives.

EeJLP-1997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

FYI on the article's criteria:
"I was data-mining Wikipedia’s various lists of games by platform"

Wikipedia's games listings are incomplete. For example, the PlayStation 3 Wikipedia games list shows only 7 total games released in July, August, September, October, November, and now December.

April, May, and June combined shows another 7 total games released.

There are weeks have ~7 new releases, let alone 6 or 9 months.

Perjoss1996d ago

It was PC, by a very long way.

ProjectVulcan1996d ago (Edited 1996d ago )

Does anyone know what this actually means?

Its pretty much a cert PS3 and 360 will be replaced by new consoles next year. Neither have had as many retail exclusives or first party published games this year as any of the peak years prior to this.

This happens the year before every new console generation, it becomes apparent that the manufacturers are preparing new games for their new consoles.

The lack of 360 titles makes it the most obvious, Microsoft are almost certainly concentrating on their next machine now....

Jason1431992d ago

pc always wins exclusives but sony takes the cake in terms of awe factor for their titles imo Im glad to own both

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fermcr1997d ago

The PS3 had less exclusives then I thought. The PSV and XBLA had more exclusives then I thought. Not surprised with the number of Steam exclusives.

Gaming_Guru1996d ago

If you're talking about Steam where you buy games online, then it's a store not a platform. The video games bought, are played on a platform, but steam isn't a gaming device, lol.

Kanzes1997d ago

well, actually this year Xbox 360 got a lots of great exc games such as:

- Halo 4
- Forza Horizon
- Alan Wake's American Nightmare
- Fable The Journey
- Dust: An Elysian Tail
- Deadlight

but there's some games that aren't really an exclusive such as:

- The Witcher 2
- Minecraft 360 Edition
- Spelunky

Kamikaze1351997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

Alan Wake's American Nightmare and Deadlight aren't exclusives either:


AngelicIceDiamond1997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

Ok then N4G since you guys are sooo smart how exactly did PS3 out do Xbox this year? Last year was alll PlayStation 2011 Sony owned. Give credit when credit is due Xbox had the better year overall.

So my question still stands, how exactly did PS3 do better than Xbox this time I'm dying to know please someone tell me.

And if nobody response then this site is further labeled and proving this is a Super Sony site.

@Above your right Deadlight and AWAN isn't an exclusive. Its a CONSOLE exclusive the only type of exclusive that really matters.

Jason1431992d ago

Deadlight and alan wake are on pc bud. Alan wake american has been on sale for $3 on steam for awhile think it ends today

Kratoscar20081997d ago

The PS family (Consoles)has always had the more exclusives, no change here.


On all gens.

omi25p1997d ago

Err Halo 4, Forza horizion, MineCraft. PS3 had Super Smash Brother's Brawl PS3 Edition

NeXXXuS1997d ago

MineCraft is also on PC :P

miyamoto1996d ago

Minecraft is on Android and iOS too :P

showtimefolks1997d ago

this is the 1st year in a long time where sony didn't have a huge game, but they did have some small excellent games on psn like Journey

xbox360 had a good year with release of halo 4 too along with great titles on xblive

i think this year PC won when it came to exclusives.

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Angrymorgan1997d ago

Does kinect/move shovelware count?
If so, I'd say xbox.

WeAreLegion1997d ago

Sports Champions 2 is a fantastic game.

strigoi8141997d ago

ps3 for sure..judge it from PSN indies love the ps3 right now

Kanzes1997d ago

so many PS3 fanboy in here LOL

dakunclear1997d ago

its not about being a fanboy he is right PSN is the place for indies cause of what Sony is offering them so don't say that till you have all your facts straight

ritsuka6661996d ago

Welcome for N4G dude. This place in very common personal atacks.. so , enjoy the show.

taquito1997d ago

pc has OWNED this gen, WAY more exclusives, better prices, better graphics, mods, better online, better patches, better everything, second place would be ps3, but its a distant second

hennessey861997d ago

Artical for the fanboys to squabble over..................pathetic , you no who had the most exclusives to play.? Gamers who have both a ps3 and a 360.

ItsTrue1997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

It's so dumb how these people fight over such pointless things.

mcstorm1996d ago

I agree. This gen has had 2 massive exclusives from Sony and Microsoft. GT and Halo. The rest sold around about the same but people need to wake up and see since the PSX days its always been about 3rd party games. Look at the best selling games on the PSX and PS2 and you will find they are 3rd party games but people classed them as exclusives because they were not on the N64 ect but they were still crated by a 3rd party.

MaxXAttaxX1996d ago

This isN't about 1st party titles. It's about exclusives. And exclusives can be either 1st or 3rd party. There's no rule that says that it must only be 1st party to count as one.

3rd party games today are almost all multiplatform. But in the PS1/2 days a lot of games by 3rd party devs were exclusive.

mcstorm1996d ago

@NathanExplosion Sorry that is what I was trying to say. there was a lot of Exclusive 3rd party games in the PSX and PS2 days as the PSX and PS2 were the best selling consoles of there gen where this gen its been very close between the XBOX and PS3 and because of this there was more money to be made by 3rd party's if they have the game on both consoles and I see the next Xbox, PS3 and WiiU having more 3rd party games across all 3 than this gen.