No Vita Games In SCEE’s 12 Deals Of Christmas Due To “The Lack Of Them”

Wondering why there aren’t any PS Vita games in our guesswork about what’s coming up in this year’s 12 Deals Of Christmas over on the PSN Store? Well, it’s simple: there’s a lack of Vita games.

That’s according to SCEE’s Chris Howe, who confirmed the reason for the fact that the deals are all for the PlayStation 3 in a comment on the PS Blog.

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LOGICWINS1961d ago

If you have PS Plus, in less than a month we've already gotten Golden Abyss, Gravity Rush, Jet Set Radio, Mortal Kombat, and Wipeout 2048. Thats OVER $100 worth of Vita games in the FIRST month of a $50 PS Plus subscription...that promises more games in the next 11 months.

No one has room to complain.

Anon19741960d ago

Indeed. If you want your deal, it's called Playstation Plus.

MmaFan-Qc1960d ago

"No one has room to complain."
haters will always try to justify their hate with ridiculous delusional rationalisation.

"its not free, it cost 50$ per year"
not far from true, but it already paid itself in less than a month,

..... oh but whats that? ....oh yeah, that's eleven months left to give me FREEBIES.

xJumpManx1959d ago

Except if you are not a plus subscriber access to those games is revoked.

Enmson1960d ago

Mortal Kombat? i didn't see it at the store :@

ThanatosDMC1960d ago

It's there. I didnt like it personally. The button input is a lot slower than the console counterpart. It just lags a bit and the graphics arent as good as some other Vita games.

freezola751960d ago

Mortal Kombat Vita is free with plus too? It's not in my Vita Store.

I've been wanting these games since I got my Vita... but damn my pockets look like "upside down rabbit ears" LMAO

Bills are kicking my well... you know but games keep me sane.. Thanks to plus tho I can get those games now.. peace

LOGICWINS1960d ago

^^It'll be there sometime this month

Enmson1960d ago

What store? US or Europe?

Gamesgbkiller1960d ago

I saw it at EU BLOG
it will come 19 Dec I think .
I don't know about US

rainslacker1960d ago

I think what Chris Howe is getting at is that the Vita is a new console. Because of this the publishers don't want to offer deals on their games.

Typically new game console releases don't see major price drops on games until the end of it's first year. While the Vita catalog is impressive for it's age, publishers are going to want to maximize their profit for new buyers of the system by making them pay as much as possible given the more limited selection.

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ceballos77mx1960d ago

You allready got a deal, its called PS plus.

Raccoon1960d ago

If you really desire a deal its called playstation plus.

nugnugs1960d ago

And there's a deal, in the UK at least, where 3 months of PS+ is going for £7.99. That's £7.99 for a 3 month rental of 2 of the best games the Vita has to offer.

ziggurcat1960d ago

i guess this is to counteract the "why do people think the vita has no games" article?

i mean, it's not a day at N4G without at least a dozen doom articles, right?

Conzul1960d ago

Now now, don't exaggerate. It's a HALF-dozen. There's a difference.

Silly gameAr1959d ago

Don't you just love it when articles like this pop up out of nowhere?

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