Review: Guardians of Middle-earth: An Arcade Worth Giving Attention (

Guardians of Middle-earth is a completely unique arcade that offers one of the best multiplayer experiences on Xbox Live arcade and PSN. This game symbolizes a perfect multiplayer online battle arena and has the options and abilities to compliment that play style. In Guardians of Middle- earth the player will team up with both heroes and villains, forming the most implausible coalitions, in order to destroy the enemy team’s base. This competitive multiplayer plots 5 players against 5 in the creative scene of Middle-earth. Gamers are able to choose from over 20 guardians from one of the paramount fictitious epic of all time. There is so much packed into Guardians of Middle-earth one might wonder why this game is only an arcade.

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TheSuperior 1996d ago

Love to know that this game works ok on console because that was a big worry of mine. Cant wait to witness The Hobbit tie-ins!

TheGrimBunny1996d ago

Did not even know about this game until now. Seems descent.


This game looks frigin awesome... oh wait IT IS FREAKING AWESOME I PLAYED IT!