Crysis 3 will get an online cinematic video series, teaser trailer released

DSOGaming writes: "Electronic Arts and Crytek today announced a creative partnership with renowned filmmaker Albert Hughes to produce an online video series inspired by the upcoming sandbox shooter, Crysis 3."

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aviator1892025d ago

Looks pretty sweet and this game looks really fantastic.

But my rig can't handle it....

Godmars2902025d ago (Edited 2025d ago )

So is its going to be extended CG cutscenes to reboot/reestablish the plot among the fandom.


pr0digyZA2025d ago

I assume its either to bridge the story or to just be a companion piece.

Those shots weren't CG btw.

Godmars2902025d ago

Its was a mix of CG, and shots of a director doing cinematography. Chatting up what he was doing, what EA was doing, was the work of God.

pr0digyZA2025d ago

It was all in engine though as can be seen from this video
watch in 1080

Braid2025d ago

Hopefully the Seven Wonders of Crysis 3 are:

1. Eye popping graphics
2. Wider sandbox
3. Awesome soundtrack
4. Replay value
5. More nanosuit functions
6. Better AI
7. Better multiplayer

And I'll be sold.

NYC_Gamer2025d ago (Edited 2025d ago )

Oh,it's gonna be from the Menace II Society/Dead Presidents dude.

HeavenlySnipes2025d ago

I really hoped they would reboot the franchise now that it hit the consoles. The story is boring and the gameplay follows suit (Crysis 2 at least). The characters are all forgettable as well. It'd be nice to have a face to the franchise and have the game be about more than the graphics.

Crysis 2's MP was basically Call of Duty with invisibility. I won't say it wasn't fun during my time playing it, but I wasn't compelled to continue after 15 hours total.

And if they didn't fix the lol worthy AI from Crysis 2 then I won't waste my time with this one

Norrison2025d ago

It all went downhill when crysis came to consoles, hopefully crytek will redeem with this game.
I'm not hating on consoles though, they should have one team for PC and one team for consoles so both can have the best experience not this "lead platform" bullshit.