Wii U hardware back-compat penalises PAL gamers

Richard Leadbetter:

Sony and Microsoft may have turned their backs on older hardware, but Nintendo's approach with Wii U is refreshingly different. While the new console is capable of running current-gen HD titles, its technical underpinnings are designed in order to fully accommodate hardware backwards compatibility with the vintage 2006 Wii. Any and all Wii titles and peripherals run with the new hardware. Sadly though it's not all good news - because in our testing we found a number of display-related issues that may might persuade die-hard purists to keep hold of their existing consoles.

First impressions suggest that we are indeed getting the full hardware back-compat experience, with the added advantage that for the first time players are able to run their Wii games via the digitally lossless precision offered by an HDMI output. But it's also fair to say that this is pretty much the only advantage offered by the new hardware - and even then the experience may be sub-optimal for some owing to the locked limited-range RGB output, which produces washed-out colours on many displays.

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-Mika-1963d ago

I don't know what to say because I don't understand this article.

linkofrs1963d ago

It basically says the wii u can play wii games using the hdmi, and get framerate improvements over the wii. Which in all honesty isn't surprising. It also suggests that microsoft and sony have turned their backs on games for older consoles.

lilbroRx1963d ago

You sure do post a lot in the Wii U section for someone who doesn't like the Wii U.

stragomccloud1962d ago

British English has spelling differences compared to American English.

G20WLY1962d ago

...Or is it the other way around? :/

stragomccloud1962d ago

Well, semantically speaking it is the other way around. However, generally one could say it either way.

zavierkai1962d ago

Mika get out of the closet you love the wii u

Benjaminkno1962d ago

I'll keep my Wii anyway. I don't think I'm going to care about a game that might not work for a Wii.

gamern4g1962d ago

Sorry, but i dont get it.

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