BioWare is working on a new DLC for Mass Effect 3 with nine writers & three composers

DSOGaming writes: "It seems that BioWare is gearing up for yet another DLC for Mass Effect 3, as BioWare’s level designer Jos Hendriks has revealed that BioWare Edmonton – the studio that was behind Mass Effect Trilogy – is working on a new expansion."

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Godmars2901996d ago


Gosh. Sounds like they're putting in more work and effort than they originally put into the game.

tigertron1996d ago

I guess I'll hold off getting Omega+Leviathan and completing it again to see the extended cut.

SneeringImperialist1996d ago

Looks like the latest atrocity to come out of bioware has a lot of work going in to it.

Drazz1995d ago

I'll play it, if its post-ending dlc.