PC Gaming Alliance Officially Announced, Here To Save The Day

The PC Gaming Alliance is real. It was just announced at GDC, and comprises not only the rumoured Intel, Nvidia, AMD/ATi and Microsoft (along with Alienware, Dell, ACER and Gateway), but publishing giants Epic and Activision as well. Intel's Randy Stude will be heading up the group, which rather than making things like official stickers, box labels and slogans will instead be working to provide the platform with a unified "voice":

"One of our main major objectives is to provide one voice on PC gaming market. There's no one source that says 'hey this is where the PC market is going'. Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft are always calling their market share - we're going to call our market through this group."

PC Gaming Alliance

The PC gaming alliance reads:
PC Gaming Alliance will be the Authoritative Voice of PC Gaming World Wide. We will make data that highlights and promotes the PC platform to analysts, press and the public.

We will promote the PC Gaming Industry and the PC as a gaming platform, provide web and event based forums to discuss, debate and influence all aspects of PC development for gaming for all regions of the world, and guidance to help resolve industry-wide challenges such as: Piracy, Cheating, Security, Consumer experience.

PC Gaming Alliance will also provide guidelines to simplify hardware specifications and speed the introduction of new technologies, as well as improve Consumer PC Gaming Experience by working with developers and publishers and PCGA members to maximize the PC gaming experience in all ways possible."

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LinuxGuru3684d ago

PC Gaming Alliance.....very interesting...

I'm picking up an AMD Dual-core system tomorrow...I plan to turn it into my gaming rig.

I'm finally ditching my old pentium 4 dell AGP system because Crysis is just too awesome to ignore.

Fishy Fingers3684d ago

Sorry but why on earth are you going with AMD? Intel is far better.

JsonHenry3684d ago

If you really want to promote PC gaming just support KB+M on all games on a console. That and make the price of PCs more affordable.

As a PC gamers myself, I really wish that more console only consumers would be able to afford/understand PC gaming. They really have no idea what they are missing out on.

I live in a small town in Southern Ohio. Every time I show up to a tournament at the local independent game retailer the owner lets me bring my PC to show everyone the joys of PC gaming since it is a rarity in my area. EVERYONE walks away wishing for a PC after giving it a try. EVERYONE. I show them Crysis, Command and Conquer 3, Team Fortress 2, and now I show them Sins of a Solar Empire. Even though two of those games are available on consoles they still prefered to play it on a PC. (and their amazement about the graphics shows on their faces when seeing Crysis for the first time)

I can't help but think that more people would feel the same way if exposed to the PC platform the same way.

RuffRyder3684d ago

I was a console fanboy, until i bought a dell xps 420 a couple of weeks ago. I thought COD4 on the 360 looked amazing but when i installed it on my system and cranked the resoulution upto 1920x1200 with every setting on there highest i was just amazed at how much better COD4 looked, it seemed like a it was a whole genertion ahead of the ps3 and 360 versions interms of graphics.

Gorgon3684d ago

I agree with you guys, I've been a PC gamer for 2 decades now and I like it. But I honestly don't think that at this point console players (xbox 360 and PS3) are losing much by not having PCs (unless you love RTS that is...).

"...and speed the introduction of new technologies"

Does this means even more money for even faster evolving hardware? I don't think thats the way to go. PC gaming needs more people, and making the hobby even more expensive is not going to make PC gaming more widespread.

I don't know, lets see.

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French_Dude3683d ago

This alliance sounds like a good move for PC gaming but I'm surprise that some majors PC developpers like Valve, Relic, Crytek or GPG aren't part of it. Especially Valve. Imho Steam is the future of PC Gaming, it's one of the best way to prevent piracy and cheating and it provides a great digital distribution system. Steam is far better than Windows Live and should be the core of the Games for Windows initiative.