PSN at Home Reviews Patapon and gives it a 9.8

Once in a great while a game comes along that truly amazes and goes beyond the expectations of the players. From flow to Locoroco, Ive seen my share of Quirky unique games, But none grabs my imagination and keeps my feet tapping to a continuous beat like Patapon.

For years the patapon tribe has lived in the desolate frontier, driven from their home by the evil zigoton army, Behind the Patamons' rhythm pumping, cute dancing and all around awesome looking exterior, lies a fierce warrior spirit. The Patapons believe the Almighty would return, and that the magical drums would once again ring out, lead the Patapons to victory over the Zigotons and guide the lost tribe back to its homeland (otherwise known as the Earthend).

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AlterEgo3805d ago

i honestly genuinely enjoyed the demo.

can't say i thought i would, but i said "what they hey...its free"

man, i'm buyin'

KidMakeshift3805d ago

People are just lovin this apparently

Pretty cool it's only $20 new

permutated3805d ago (Edited 3805d ago )

Sounds good, I'll be buying :).

Thoas3805d ago

I've played lots of demos lately on PS3 and PSP and this one beats them all.

DrPirate3805d ago

Demo won me over.

First day purchase.

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