Legacy of Kain series is coming to Steam, Planescape: Torment also spotted on Steam's registry

DSOGaming writes: "Great news for old-school fans, as the entire Legacy of Kain series (well, apart from the first PS1 game) has been spotted on Steam’s registry, suggesting that Kain and Raziel are coming to Valve’s digital distribution service. Not only that, but after various rumors about a sequel to Planescape, the original and classic RPG, Planescape: Torment, has been spotted on Steam’s registry."

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Snookies121997d ago

Oh man I've been wanting to play Planescape forever... I hope that does come as well.

RuperttheBear1997d ago

It's an amazing game, one of the best rpgs ever made. Also one of the funniest.

Jallen1997d ago

Nice but I want to play the original Legacy of Kain, I've played all the other ones.

BanBrother1997d ago

My favourite was the original Soul Reaver. It had such dark themes for a game back then. Scared me quite a bit if I'm to be honest.

Plus, those cut-scenes....

Snookies121997d ago

I have the original Legacy of Kain, it was a very odd game... I couldn't quite get into it, although I loved Soul Reaver.

vega2751997d ago

As much as I like steam. I'd rather get it on GoG with no DRM. But I'm sure this is great news to amyone waiting for the steam version

ThatEnglishDude1997d ago

First the Tomb Raider series, now these games. I wonder if these versions will also be direct rips of's. Probably so.

sdozzo1997d ago

Steam is setting themselves up for the next planescape.

Moncole1997d ago

Hope in time for the winter sale.

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