First Scan! One Piece: Kaizoku Musou 2

A new scan from Shonen Jump has been revealed.

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GraveLord1992d ago

For Vita too? Me likey!

Baylex1992d ago

I will import this don't matter what!! :D

admiralvic1992d ago

Enel? Count me in... though he should have been in the first one.

Zichu1992d ago

As much as I love One Piece and the first Pirate Warriors. What can they actually add in at this point.

Pirate Warriors already went up to the start of the Time Skip. The anime hasn't really progressed much since then. They've just left Fishman Island and it's currently telling the story of the Z movie and then that will be released. They did miss some Arcs out, but they should of been in the first game.

Unless of course they are basing the game off of the manga??

admiralvic1992d ago

If you looked at the image presented, then you would have saw they're filling in gaps. However, this title will most likely focus on PLAYABLE characters, add fights in included arcs and really make One Piece Kaizoku Musou 2 everything the first should have been.

ThanatosDMC1992d ago


One Piece is the best manga/anime. They're not full of BS fail logic/ideas like Bleach. Bleach author/producer became money hungry and are just pulling arcs out of their a$$es.