Gears of War Action Figures Series 2 Revealed

VIA TXB- At this year's 2008 US Toy Fair, NECA has unveiled the second wave of Gears of War action figures. Series 2 features Dominic Santiago, Damon Baird, a Theron Guard and a Locust with his head blown off. Below you can find pictures of Series 2 and Series 1 taken by Action-Figure at the event.

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Charlie26883749d ago

As a collector whore I am SO buying the Theron Guard XD

Hopefully it comes with the bow and the 2 masks :D

Silellak3749d ago

This was much more interesting when I accidently read it as "Gears of War 2 Action Figures Series Revealed".

Genuine3749d ago

lol, I had the same confusion when I first found the story.

THWIP3749d ago

I love the headshot fig. :D