Arrow Pointing Down Podcast Beta

Welcome, and thank you for participating in the soft launch of the Arrow Pointing Down Podcast! There's no explicit format yet, and it probably should've been encoded at a lower bit rate, but hey! F*** it!

This week, Ryan and Jeff ramble pointlessly over Skype, about Gatorade, HD-DVD, GDC, and more!

Next week, there's apparently going to be another show! And maybe another guest! And prizes?

If you have a question for the Arrow Pointing Down Podcast, send it to [email protected], and you might get it read on the air!

By listening to this podcast, you may be eligible to win hundreds of millions in gold krugerrand. This is a lie!

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i_like_ff73775d ago

ZOMG!!!! Ryan and Jeff are back!!! Get Alex in there and start your own mini gamespot.

FAT MAN GO BOOM3774d ago

There are supposed to be working on a site together with the some others and this site is just temporary.

resistance1003774d ago

I wonder why the bloke is blu is happy and the one in red in unhappy.