March Game Informer (Patapon, God of War, Apollo Justice)

Devil May Cry 4: 9, 9 (GOTM)
The Club: 8.75, 8.75
Dynasty Warriors 6: 7.25
FIFA Street 3: 7
Turok: 6

Dragon Quest Swords: The Masked Queen and the Tower of Mirrors: 7.75, 8
Winter Sports: The Ultimate Challenge: 6.5
No More Heroes: 6, 6
Samurai Warriors: Katana: 6
Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity: 6
Nitrobike: 4.25

Lost Planet: Extreme Condition: 8, 8.25

God of War: Chains of Olympus: 9, 8.75 (HGOTM)
Patapon: 8.75, 8.5

Advance Wars: Days of Ruin: 8.75, 8.75
Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney: 8, 8.5

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Charlie26883771d ago

If you are interested down the thread there is the whole Aliens: Colonial Marines article...that already has me drooling XD

sonarus3771d ago

oh no GI dnt go breaking off rumors of crysis only coming to ps3. might actually sound like maybe the ps3 is more powerful lol

DrPirate3770d ago

As a God of War fanboy (yes, my neutrality stops there), I approve of this article.

Well done Ready At Dawn, Bravo.

Also good scores for The Club (360,PS3), PataPon, Appollo Justice, Advance Wars, and the awesomeness that is Devil May Cry 4.

BrianC62343770d ago

Got to love the rumor at the end about Microsoft might buy Logitech. So lets see. Microsoft is going to buy Yahoo, Epic and Logitech. Wow, they must have a trillion dollars saved up now.

LinuxGuru3770d ago

I don't know why this article was posted with a pic from the wrong issue of Game Informer.

The cover has an alien on it....I'm holding it in my hand right now.