Ragnarok Odyssey and Dokuro headed to Europe this winter

El33tonline writes:

"North American gamers typically get Japanese-developed titles before those of us residing in European territories and that’s exactly what has happened in the case of PS Vita games Ragnarok Odyssey and Dokuro."

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FriedGoat1935d ago (Edited 1935d ago )

It has really peed me off these are digital only titles in the EU. I hate digital retail games, fair enough if they are PSN games but this sucks.

Can anyone tell me if Ragnarok has an online pass? if not I'm going to import. Screw digital, I like to actually own my games.

profgerbik1935d ago (Edited 1935d ago )

Doesn't require an online pass. Nothing is stopping you from simply buying it from the U.S.

I really don't get why it's that big of a deal it's digital, it's not like shipping to EU is that expensive especially for such a small package.

On top of the fact you could probably get it cheap on Amazon considering it doesn't require a pass.

Baylex1934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

Some people just like to collect games!
Yes, I do like to collect games! It makes me feel that my money wasn't wasted in vain. Some years from now I can play with them foru sure, but with digital I'm not so sure... maybe a corrupted memory card and... OMG I haven't done a backup...

Well, maybe I'm exagerating.. but that could happen ;)

Hanso1935d ago (Edited 1935d ago )


r211935d ago

Holy crap, thought you were pulling my leg :O Here's a link:

Awww yeaaaahhhhh :D

profgerbik1935d ago (Edited 1935d ago )

Dang that looks cool, I have never been interested in their games before but that one looks mighty good.

kissme21934d ago

Good news for EU Peeps...Good job for Dokuro..