The Next-Gen Hot 100 Developers 2008

Next Generation presents the Hot 100 Game Developers of the year. See which developers are lighting up the world of games in 2008.

The Hot 100 are selected based largely on market success in 2007 and potential market success in 2008. Critical reception and innovative and creative contributions to the medium were also considered a high priority in the ordering of this list.

This list represents the commercial realities of the products released last year or in the next year. It is not in any way a leaderboard of native talent or ability. We understand that game development projects have a three year lifecycle and therefore an individual's placing on this list may simply be a matter of timing. It's about who's hot right now.

Top 10:

10. Casey Hudson - Project Director, Mass Effect - BioWare
9. Dan Houser - Co-Founder - Rockstar Games
8. Yoshiaki Koizumi - Director, Super Mario Galaxy - Nintendo EAD
7. Hideo Kojima - Studio Head - Kojima Productions
6. Will Wright - Chief Designer - Maxis
5. Greg LoPiccolo - VP of Product Development - Harmonix
4. Rob Pardo - Vice President of Game Design - Blizzard
3. Jason West - Co-Studio Head/Project Lead, COD 4 - Infinity Ward
2. Harold Ryan - Studio Head - Bungie



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Cyrus3653714d ago

I don't get it, it talks about 2008, yet the #1 to #5 were all major releases of last year (Not that I don't agree).

however I'd have ranked COD higher and bioshock lower, just in terms of sales on both systems, and COD held it's on in terms of awards and stuff as well.