Blu-ray could still lose HD video war, Toshiba says

Toshiba claims that Sony's victory in the high definition disc format war will be short lived due to the rise of HD digital video downloads over broadband, which the company claims was one of the key reason for abandoning HD DVD.

In a press conference this morning, Toshiba Australia general manager, Mark Whittard (pictured), said that while the US film and retail industries' recent shift to support Blu-ray sealed HD DVD's fate, other factors played a role in Toshiba's abandonment of its high definition video disc business.

However, while Toshiba is now moving towards a business model which will see it place more emphasis on other HD video delivery platforms, it has not ruled out joining the Blu-ray camp.

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Lord Anubis3771d ago

if they think HD downloads will take the place of physical media around the world then they should grab a sit.

fenderputty3771d ago

it's making them look bad.

actas1233771d ago

Its sad to see big shots acting like freakin kids man.

Anything but Cute3771d ago

Right now it takes like 7 hours to download an HD movie on XBOX 360. Which is the only common way to download a movie and see it on an HDTV.

If Digital Downloads wants to become Blu ray's next b*tch, then bring it.

jwatt3771d ago

That's like you play on a basketaball team and you play against another team and destroy them. Then the other team says your not going to when the championship anyways becuase the nba is going to get cancelled. Yea we were just playing you guys for fun, we got money to burn!

TheTwelve3771d ago

Sour grapes, my friends, sour grapes!!!


Anything but Cute3771d ago

I mean they did just get owned in the sickest way possible. They basicly got raped.

SSCOOLCHEA3771d ago (Edited 3771d ago )

to download porn on divx files ,

1080p + uncompressed audio = good luck DD

I think thats what there trying to get at download it now and in 10 years the download will be completed ..morons

IntelligentAj3771d ago

My thoughts exactly. You can't beat em', then bash em'

Seraphim3771d ago (Edited 3771d ago )

exactly... I couldn't agree more...

The fact of the matter is that digital downloads are a good 10 years from becoming reality; at least a reasonable reality as right now it's a joke. Even then, I'd say a majority of movie watchers rent most their flicks; kind of like how most gamers seem to rent. Skip the download and rent the HD version of the movie through On Demand. And even then I'm not so sure digital downloads will have a strong attach rate. People either won't have the hard drive to accommodate or would rather have the physical media. After all, half of having a collection is being able to show it off and/or look at it.

Not to even mention that most homes only have a hard drive size of 40-80 gigs. And I don't see most PC manufacturers offering 160-200+ as the norm. Even then, if digital downloads is the key way to buy new titles you're talking about needing a TB drive, not a GB drive. Of course unless you only buy a couple movies a year.

Also, I highly question whether or not our ISP's will be up to speed by then to make digital downloads a reality. As you stated, about 7 hours for an HD dl via XBL. ISPs are a huge rip off and why offer better service when they can charge for it? Right now the norm is 3 MB for my service; obviously idk what each ISP is. To get 5 MB it's an extra $5 or $10 a month; I forget but think it's only $5. Yet to bump that up to 10 MB service it's a whopping $20 additional. Perhaps 5 years from now 10 MB will become the norm. But even then, you're still talking about half a shift to dl a movie...

Realistically downloads could very possibly be the future but not anytime soon. You're either ignorant or naive to think downloads will be taking over anytime soon...

ruibing3771d ago

I unfortunately have Comcast as my ISP, there is an unspoken bandwidth limit with them. Choosing to purchase bits and bytes of video is kind of difficult since I could just as fast download it on torrent. I would much prefer to pay more for it as a physical HD media with extra contents.

Harry1903771d ago

how come they never think of
download limits and broadband restrictions too?

BenzMoney3770d ago

Wtf? "Right now it takes like 7 hours to download an HD movie on XBOX 360"

What are you, on dialup?

If I start a download for an HD movie on XBL, it takes about 5 minutes before I get a message that the movie is ready to play. I then start the movie, and finish it, as it streams. No hiccups. I can't remember the last time I watched a 7 hour movie, either.

Stop making up lies. If you prefer having your media on a physical format (Bluray, DVD, whatever) then fine, all the power to you. But don't try to make DD sound like it's such a horrible idea that will never come to fruition. It already is! Look at on-demand movies, PPV, etc, from your local cable provider. That's DD just as much as downloading those things from XBL is.

Like it or not, DD is coming. Toshiba execs aren't "acting like children" for pointing that out.

BenzMoney3770d ago

What do you think On Demand is? Why, oh my goodness, it couldn't be! No way. It's... It's digital distribution?!?! Wow!!!

WeaseL3770d ago

If the HD downloads are less than 8GB why did anybody bother with HD-DVD or Blu-Ray in the first place?

Nostradamus3770d ago

at $5 or $6 bucks each. The price of a rental at blockbuster.

Look at my bio, you can see what its like to have all HD content available, cable, 360, ps3, etc. edit: I dont have HD-DVD.

Salvadore3770d ago

What else do you expect them to say?

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Mario183771d ago

Thats like saying, "I can poop out icecream"

beast3771d ago

So if they think dowload will be the king . Then why were they spending millions of dollar for HD-DVD.

Odonnus3771d ago

You are right on the money. They wouldn't have poured so many resources into a fight that even if they did win against bluray, would've been lost to DD. Essentially, they knew money was to be made in the HD video war, and are just trying to rain on bluray's parade.

man0fsteel3771d ago

bubble for that comment, you're spot on

KillaManiac3770d ago

millions? they lost billions by canceling HD-DVD...but you are 100% correct

hella whip3771d ago

Toshiba will produce a Blu-ray player within a year, they're just being sore losers at this point.

lodossrage3771d ago

If they REALLY felt that way, then the wouldn't have spend all this time and money trying to fight Blu ray in the first place.