Dragon Quest X Wii U debut trailer

Square Enix debuted the first trailer for Dragon Quest X Wii U.

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majiebeast2028d ago (Edited 2028d ago )

Still waiting for the wii version to come out in the west.

TheLyonKing2028d ago

This will prompt big sales in Japan

Jinkies2028d ago

The fact that this is an MMO puts me off it...why did they do a main title for an MMO instead of a spin off, just like FF with FF11 and FF14.

Kamikaze2028d ago

i thought the same thing its seriously stupid

guitarded772028d ago

Main title for MMO so they can rake in the subscription fees. Sadly I have no interest in the game because of this model.

DarkBlood2027d ago

i believe it is just a sub fee for japan

Kamikaze2028d ago

Cool,but still waiting for the wii version

Erdrick2028d ago

when this comes out i'm buying a wii u just to play it <3

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