The Tales of Series Has Just Reached 15 Million Shipments Worldwide "It has been 17 years since the release of Tales of Phantasia in 1995. Today, Namco Bandai has announced that as of December 4, 2012, the entire Tales of Series has reached 15 million shipments worldwide."

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blackbirdi1904d ago

is that all !!! really dispointed all this titles and spin off just 15 millions !!

Kyosuke_Sanada1904d ago (Edited 1904d ago )

Is it wrong for developers to celebrate in just making a profit and lasting this long in the gaming industry?

Humble pie has the best taste when you are the one holding the fork I guess.....

blackbirdi1904d ago

i'm talking about numbers not about celebrating or not !

izumo_lee1904d ago

You have to take to account that some of these games have yet to make it over to the west. Also the series although pretty popular is still a niche series overall.

The highest selling games of the series (Symphonia & Destiny) has only done about 1 million each & one of them came out in 1997.

TroyTheBaker1903d ago

Someone's forgetting majority of the Tales games are Japan-only...

deletingthis346753341904d ago

Not overly impressive but not bad either considering some of this series is Japanese only and most of the fan base is in Japan. At least they are bringing over Xilla over to North America and EU next year. Between this and Ni no Kuni I am looking forward to next year for some RPG fun.

tiffac0081904d ago

Bamco you need to localize more Tales for your English speaking market.

ScubbaSteve1904d ago

I've always hoped, if they didn't want to do full on localizations, they'd start to make region free or digital copies that have have subtitles. There aren't enough games like Demon's Souls, where if they're taking forever on the localization, that I can just import instead.

I'd be curious how much it'd cost to hire a few people to run translations, heck hire the people out there doing fan translations.

tiffac0081903d ago (Edited 1903d ago )

They could also allow 3rd party publishers like XSeed to localize for them. I think that would be less expensive for the developer. ^^

black9111904d ago

Is this real good,ok,bad etc?