Playstation 3 Powerhouse Pummels HD-DVD

Author examines the importance the PS3/360 had on the format war.

Via TheGameReviews

"It's common knowledge by now that Sony has triumphed in the next-gen media race, as its Blu-Ray format seized the gold ahead of Toshiba's HD-DVD. We at have already reported some of the effects that this has had in the gaming industry, but what has so far not been said is how exactly Sony earned this victory over Toshiba."

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Maddens Raiders3749d ago (Edited 3749d ago )

has the PS3 re-launched? The ass-kissing is almost offensive, but long overdue, nevertheless. 8D

cain1413749d ago (Edited 3749d ago )

How is this ass kissing? If something happened, you report it. Sony's stratagy worked...

Maddens Raiders3749d ago

all I meant is that the reporting on this subject as of late has been plentiful and frequent, not to mention very affectionate toward the PS3 considering the media and 360 owners thought it was "the worst piece of technology ever created" a few months ago.

Hope that clears things up a bit : )

uxo223749d ago

Madden, I agree with your original statement, it is a bit over the top. Although all the butt licking and PS3 praise may not be offensive to me, it surely is annoying and tiresome. Simply because a lot of these guys don't seem to be able to win gracefully. It's like the metaphorically pinching themselves over and over again.

As for cain, you're right sony's strategy did work, although it changed 15 times in 1 year. So in keeping an open mind, any strategy will work if you continue to tweak it til you get it right.

mikeslemonade3749d ago

You guys need to stop complaining because us PS3 fans had to put up with the crap since the PS3 was annouced at E3 06 at $600. This is what you guys deserve. And the complaining only encourages more PS3 favorable news. I hope you guys enjoy it.

uxo223749d ago

Whatever rocks you boat man. Whatever rocks your boat. Have fun with it. I was just trying to point out the obvious.

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Asurastrike3749d ago

I knew the negative media would turn around.

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DTClown3749d ago

"These unnamed naysayers also say that higher quality isn’t always what consumers was as in the case of the Super Audio CD and DVD-Audio formats which, while offering high audio quality, collapsed due to the ability to download music tracks online."

This will not be the same for BluRay. While there is a niche market for people to download hi-def movies, those movies are not easily transported and used like mp3's are. Point is, for movies, physical mediums will always be needed and will always lead in sales. period.

Harry1903749d ago

to watch a bd movie now.what would be the
wisest choice?

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