Black Ops 2 Tips and Tricks: Shotguns

Looking to get the best out of your Black Ops 2 game play? Here's the 3rd installment in the Tips and Tricks series, this week focusing on the BOOMSTICK (the Shotgun)

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schmoe2199d ago

speak softly and carry a a big BOOMSTICK

SPAM-FRITTER-1232199d ago

Remmy for me.

just Gold Cammo'd my FAL last night, what a chore but great weapon

brettyd2199d ago

Best gun in the game easily, its awesome single shot but put the select fire on it and its amazing.

Tonester9252199d ago

^^^ It's funny that shot selection is a "New Feature" lol

Choc_Salties2199d ago

always good content from Holden. Can't go wrong with a Remington!

DesVader2199d ago

I'm with Holden on this, #1 Shotgun is the KSG, but you have to be on target!!

PandaMcBearface2199d ago

I choose the S12 because semi-automatic is :3

DesVader2199d ago



Sometimes people spray not because they can't aim, but because of the lag.

Stewie2k82199d ago

Please. its CoD. barely anyone can aim on it and just spray everywhere with their little SMG w/ Laser sight and perfectly kill people quicker than guys aiming down the sight on them.

csreynolds2199d ago

What Stewie2k8 said. In Black Ops 2, spray > accuracy *frowns*

ninjahunter2198d ago

Lol, agree @lag. I get kills when im not even aiming at the person and i get misses when im aiming right at them, its ridiculous. Mix that with the inconsistency of the shotguns and your in heaven or hell, usually hell.


I have always used burst weapons in Cod over spray because I like to aim... but as the other guy said in blops2, you can aim straight at a guy and amazingly.. miss while he sprays all over the place and 2 bullets hit and inch left of you and yet you still die.

the game is optimized for people that like to spray especially with the sub-machineguns.

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Tonester9252199d ago

I try to play this game like Battlefield using strategic gestures and what not and get killed.

I Yosemite Sam with the Judge Akimbo and go 30-4?