CheatCC Review: Penumbra: Black Plague - It's No Puzzle To Figure Out Why This Game Is So Much Fun

CheatCC writes: "Most of the low budget production values could be overlooked if the puzzles were of any quality. Sadly, this is usually the first gameplay element to show signs of unintelligent life. Nothing makes a game more frustrating than esoteric puzzles that don't relate to the gameplay. They seem to be included as an afterthought to pad the content in an effort to make the game longer. These puzzles are often trial and error, and even when you do discover the solution, typically with the aid of a walkthrough, they still don't make any sense. You can't see how you would have ever figured them out if it weren't for pure dumb luck. Fortunately, the puzzles in Penumbra: Black Plague all relate to the gameplay. They are intuitive and fun. You get a fighting chance to solve them. Sure, some are on the repetitive side with a lot of flipping and switching, but they relate to the gameplay and you can actually figure them out. But there's a lot more to Penumbra: Black Plague than just puzzles. Everything is combined to produce a satisfying adventure game that is truly unique. This isn't your standard point-and-click adventure game. It may not revolutionize the genre, but it's a click in the right direction."

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