Nintendo Still has two Unused Wii U Features not Possible on any Other System

The Wii U has been out for over two weeks now and everybody here at the Playeressence HQ is loving the system. Nintendo has finally put out a system that has a modern structure, good online play, and HD graphics. While the Wii U already has a host of features not present on the Xbox 360 and PS3, there are still two major features the system is capable of, that will not be utilized till 2013 at the earliest.

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waltercross2024d ago

PS Vita + a PS3 is really all you need. The Vita already has some of the same features as the WiiU Controller. It has 2 cameras, a touch pad on the back plus the regular pad. It has a Built in GPS and some games make full use of the GPS by giving you rewards for distance you travel. Also the PS Vita can be used as another PS3 Controller.

The WiiU can't play Blue Ray, Feature up for the PS3. Just saying.

dennett3162024d ago

The WiiU is a games machine first, doesn't need to play blu ray movies. Blu ray playback didn't exactly kill the 360 or Wii did it? In fact, the blu ray drive is pretty much a hinderance to the PS3 due to it's relative sluggishness. They don't duplicate game data on blu ray discs for nothing you's to save wear and tear on the drive. As for the Vita thing....that's a non-starter.
Devs for the WiiU know the gamepad (at least 1) is there for EVERY player and can develop with that in mind. The Vita is a very optional extra, and the devs cannot build a game based around using that for a game because the user base just isn't there.
Also, the Vita/PS3 combo features lag while the communication between the WiiU and the Gamepad is practically instant, less than the lag that modern TV's feature when using consoles. It will never be used for PS3 gaming in the way the Gamepad is used with the WiiU. Well, perhaps the odd gimmick here and there.

cee7732024d ago

No devs copy the game on bluray multiple times to increase seeking times not to reduce wear on the laser that's what do installs are for and bluray did not hinder Xbox or Wii but neither contained a brdrive
But the Wii is an exception it technically has a bluray drive but Nintendo don't want to enable it because they would have to pay royalties to Sony I mean who wouldn't want to watch blurays on the gamepad from time to time it would be a sweet feature and another selling point for Wii u

Hatsune-Miku2024d ago (Edited 2024d ago )

Using two Wii u screen severely affects gameplay because it lowers resolution and frame rate. This was talked about by a lot of devs and is basically a deal breaker because of the tech degradation.

The vita which is not in direct competition with Wii u is better than the Wii u and its gamepad with its higher quality and features. Imo the Wii u pad feels like a cheap toy and seems like a cheap toy by its design , screen tech and all sorts. The vita with ps3 can do the same as the Wii u pad and more than what the Wii u can do over a ps3 vita combo. The vita has better a way better screen with multi-touch, rear touch pad and all sorts.

The dual screen feature which NES fanatics love to tout about on Wii u is actually a hindrance to gameplay more than it helps. Fanatics will pretend and lie to validate Nintendos silly decision on delivering an inferior console. Common sense gamers who's actually played the Wii u extensively and can give a non fanatical opinion can admit that the gamepad interferes with gameplay immersion. Even after playing for a bit the controller starts to feel heavy and uncomfortable.

I literally can look at the Wii u and see that it adds nothing to enhance gameplay because its tech and features can be had elsewhere with the ps3 and vita. The gimmick of the second screen isn't something to brag about because utilizing it is a hinderance to gameplay and immersion. There isn't a thing wrong with traditinal gamepad controller akin to the DS3 style and Nintendo hasn't improved or add anything to the fundamental design. The Wii u is a good system for the fans that will buy the same games over and over from Nintendo with incremental tech upgrade from Nintendos previous gen but its a lie to say that it adds to gaming things that hasn't been there. Whatever the Wii u can do it can be done elsewhere on ps3 with better tech and cheaper. The exclusive 5 or so games from Nintendo are what the NES fans want.

By now a lot of people who's had the Wii u for a while will realize that their necks aren't on hinges to look up and down constantly and that whatever is on the Wii u pad can be on the teli for convenience. More people will speak out on the lack of Wii u game enhancements when the novelty of the Wii u wears off. With the Wii, NES fanatics said the tradional control design with its buttons, high definition and big AAA games were unnecessary but now they are very important or matters.

WeAreLegion2024d ago

Gameplay is seamless between the PS3 and Vita when You're playing LittleBigPlanet 2 on the PS3 from your Vita. Try again.

profgerbik2024d ago (Edited 2024d ago )

"The WiiU is a games machine first" What a stupid argument. Every console and handheld will always be a gaming system first.

I don't see you complaining about the fact you are playing with a tablet controller which is not necessarily needed for a gaming system, I don't see you complaining about the web browser in your Wii U just like any other system or the fact it has online, a game system doesn't need online multilayer games to be a gaming system now does it? or to play games? Not at all but they are added features people learn to love not complain about pointlessly to side with their fanboyism..

It's just a pointless argument, you aren't going to find any gaming system in the world now that doesn't simply do a little more than just play games, which they all do first above else.

I don't know about you but I never buy a gaming system and go wow I can't wait to use it for browsing the web, listening to music, watching nothing but movies and never playing a game on it.

I am pretty about anyone who can afford these newer systems already has tons of electronics lying around the house that can easily do all that already..

To say the Vita can't be used the same as the Wii U is completely insane also, it already has been.. It's obvious you don't care about the system so why should I go through the trouble of even bothering.

If you don't like it, that is fine but this crap is getting old these pointless ass arguments.

What you just can't accept the fact that yes the PS Vita can do what your Wii U can. Is that so hard to swallow?

You are right it is easier for the Wii U pad but guess what it's lack of multi-touch leaves a lot to be desired along with other features not even adding the Vita's OLED screen looks far better than the Wii U game pad VGA and on it's own can do far more and still has good enough functionality between the PS3.

You also can't expect it to the same, the PS3 and PS Vita were not made at the exact same times more developer support takes time and when the Vita is more expensive to develop for it will take more time, The Wii U was planned together. No shit it will work better as far a tablet to console goes, right out of the box. Keyword right out of the box.

When more work is put into the Vita I can promise you it will do everything and anything the Wii U is able to do and more with Gaikai later on down the line.

You won't be able to say I wish I could stream this Wii U game to my 3DS so I could play on my works WiFi later when I am bored... again I doubt you care too much about the technology Sony has invested in so again why go into much detail into things you can easily research yourself..

Bottom line the Wii U isn't better hardware wise that is obvious, so why on earth would the Vita not be capable to do more, when the PS3 is still stronger and the Vita can do the same with the PS3 and practically is strong enough on it's own.

It just doesn't make sense and your point ends up falling apart.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2024d ago (Edited 2024d ago )

"The WiiU is a games machine first, doesn't need to play blu ray movies. Blu ray playback didn't exactly kill the 360 or Wii did it? In fact, the blu ray drive is pretty much a hinderance to the PS3 due to it's relative sluggishness. "

How is ps3 not? How many core games have sony given compared to Nintendo? Oh yeah ninty abandoned you last gen..

How about this 48GB game?

Devs are already complaining about 360 disk. And what does ninty do? Start a new generation with 25gb disks?

" L.A. Noire, a game that spreads across three discs on the Xbox 360, the company confirmed to Kotaku. The forthcoming game about being a detective in 1947 Los Angeles fills a single-layer, 25 GB Blu-Ray disc on the PlayStation 3."

lol oh let me guess you can just download the 50gb games right?

Dice already know wiiU is not enough for the potential of their engine.

But don't worry wiiU is already hacked..

don't see much piracy on ps3? wonder why?

Wonder how many GBs games will need next gen?

Dice & 4A are already now fans of wiiU..

Trine 2 devs love it though..

Just not high end game creators.

WiiU already having 3rd party dev problems.

Yodagamer2023d ago

@shutupandtakemymoney the Wii u disk is 25 for a single layer 50 for a dual layer

sniperxx2023d ago

@hatsnue - really? The Vita is better then the Wii U? You have either tried both and are ignorant, or have tried neither and are ignorant, or ONLY have a Vita and know nothing about the Wii U. The Gamepad blows the vita out of the water with what it can do... BTW - I have both.

rpd1232023d ago

@ shutUpAndTakeMyMoney

I swear to God, you post that same Medal of Honor video in every argument you get involved in.

2023d ago
Neko_Mega2023d ago

I don't think you have clue to what you are talking about, Bluray a hinder to PS3? No, they closest thing to hindering the PS3 is the Cell and that is only because it is hard to work with.

Other then that, developers that know how to work with the PS3 have no problem.

You do know Bluray isn't just for movies right? Games like MGS4 an so on couldn't work on a small dvd without being alot of dvd's.

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_LarZen_2024d ago ShowReplies(3)
MasterCratosKong662024d ago

PS3+Vita can be a great addition to your console library, but not a substitute for the Wii U.

daclynk2024d ago

well said.
haters and stupid fanboys dont know shit.shut up and play your PS3 + Vita.

while we enjoy your wii u's awesomeness.
delusional haters.

Amsterdamsters2024d ago

I agree. I have a PS3, Vita and Wii U...and 360 etc... Anyway, the PS3 + Vita setup does not in any way work as well as the Wii U with Gamepad, anyone who says differently doesn't own both. While on paper the PS3vista should work, they were not made for each other and few developers are going to do much with it. Using the Vita as a PS3 controller is a complete afterthought. Besides every single person that has a Wii U has a Gamepad. What's the percent on PS3 owners who own Vita's... 4-5% maybe?

BlackWolf2023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )

Agreed. While the Vita has a capacitive touchscreen and a back touchpad for more varied actions, it's screen is smaller, which could be a problem for displaying information and giving space for touch actions on the same degree that the bigger Wii U gamepad screen (IMHO).

Other thing I see is that you'd have to buy both the PS3 and the Vita for the same experience the Wii U is offering on a single buy (console + gamepad), which makes it a more expensive choice.

sitharrefus2023d ago

Agree, i have both systems and the Wii Pad has more to offer with the wii u than PS3 and vita!.

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andibandit2024d ago (Edited 2024d ago )


Wow, cameras and GPS..., well if that dosn't send people flying down to the store, i dont know what will.

Cant wait to play madden with 2 cameras and GPS!!!.

And let's not oversell the Vita Cross Controller, I mean how many games support as of right now?.

profgerbik2024d ago (Edited 2024d ago )

See again another pointless argument from Nintendo fans..

I am not a fan I just enjoy technology and hardware and I at least realize everything comes from something and sometimes others make it first but it really doesn't matter who does.

Everyone I mean everyone on this planet copies someone. That is human nature, we mimic and build ideas upon others.

The stupid fact is all you Nintendo fans say the same shit also.. I don't agree that this person went to great detail about the Vita either, not at all but it very well can do the same as the Wii U, there is nothing wrong with having two consoles that can bring the same experience to someone.

What is wrong is how most you Nintendo fans point out the dumbest shit.

Like every single game you own on the Wii U supports the gamepad? No, so what point does your argument have using one PS3 game..? nothing really.

Thing is no one is really going back to recode that anyway as far as developers we all know how lazy EA can be. So seeing Madden 13 with Vita functions most likely won't happen.

The only games you will see with Vita functions are newer games. Which are exactly that just the same as the Wii U and it's gamepad that also does not support every single game right now.

I already stated also that no shit the Wii U and it's gamepad were made together so it will work better right out of the box. If the PS3 and Vita came out at the exact same time the same functionality would be there by now but it wasn't.

You can sure wait around for the Wii U and what it will offer later but it's impossible for you to do the same for any other company or see that as a realistic situation that things do in fact take time..

I am happy with my Vita just like I am sure you are happy with your Wii U. It's just stupid the arguments I see here though you do little to actually defend the console you love other than make pointless arguments that even apply to the system you are talking about..

I mean what kind of defense is that?

exfatal2023d ago Show
Beastforlifenoob2023d ago

WTF do you keep spelling it wrong and then act like the smartest man on the earth

Ck1x2024d ago

Someone will come out with a hack for the WiiU to play bluray movies just like they did with DVD's on the Wii. Not to mention with all of the streaming functions that the system has, its really not a missed feature really...

WeAreLegion2024d ago

There is no Blu-ray drive in the Wii U. There was a DVD drive in the Wii, but Nintendo blocked functionality. We will not see Blu-ray capability on the Wii U unless someone physically opens one up and shoves a Blu-ray drive in there.

joeorc2023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )

even Hacking this optical drive will just not do the trick you would have to add missing components to be able to make it work, than that does not even include the software.

1st of all the optical drive that is in the WiiU is not a Blu-Ray optical drive. that is like saying a HD DVD drive was a Blu-Ray optical drive because it had the same "blue" laser, which if you did not know that even though the laser is called "blue", its color is actually in the violet range. But HD DVD optical drives cannot read Blu-Ray optical disc's because they are not the same optical drives. its the same for the WiiU


The reason, according to Nintendo’s Satoru Iwata, speaking to Mashable at E3 2011: Nintendo is looking to cut costs on the new console and get rid of anything that isn’t directly related to gaming in the hardware.

For a console to play Blu-ray and DVD movies, (a few more computer chips are required), and a few dollars in licensing costs. We estimate that adding Wii U Blu-ray and DVD playback will cost Nintendo less than $5 per console.

zebramocha2024d ago

@den blu ray is a trade of for the ps3 sense it was a newer tech and the wii gamepad does come with ever system but it's up to developers to utilize it,as of know the gamepad doesn't have a advantage over the ps3/vita combo.

Wolfbiker2024d ago

You obviously have not used the PS3+PSVITA or a Wii U. The differences are drastic in integration and user experience. The remote play ability on the PS3/PSVITA is an unfortunately under developed feature and is completely incomparable.

Ck1x2024d ago

Latency is the number one reason that the PS3&Vita combo or Smart Glass will never be on the level of the WiiU.

MEsoJD2023d ago

I thought the Little big planet ps3/vita demo seemed quite responsive, but I'm not sold on the gamepad screen concept yet.

Realplaya2024d ago

@waltercross you can scrap that idea. Vita has like features not the same the difference is the way the features are applied. The whole multi tature what exactly would you use it for in a game to zoom in?
Why talk about a feature most used for tablet and cell phones.
The wiiu doesn't use a tablet or a phone it's a joystick with similarities to a tablet.
Also if the ps3 can be used as all of that and more then why I ask if is it not used?

neogeo2024d ago

Wrong. All you need is a Sega CD/32x and GameGear and your all set.

Sega SD also has full motion video. Just saying.

jmc88882024d ago

No, it's the Atari Lynx and Jaguar. It's 64 bit!

profgerbik2024d ago (Edited 2024d ago )

You are right, the Wii U doesn't even have multi-touch. The Vita has multi-touch and way more features to take advantage of.

It may seem useless to Wii U owners simply because they know no better or never owned a Vita but on the contrary I have actually had a lot of fun with the Vita and literally all it's features.

People just aren't willing to accept that the Wii U really is not that innovative and if anything is a cheaper alternative to something that already existed.

The other great thing about the Vita is even though it can work with the PS3, it still is it's own device. You can't take your Wii U controller with you to work, play on it, come back home and interact with your Wii U console.

The 3DS sadly has no where near the amount of features the Vita has or the compatibility between it's new console, I am sure it will but it still is nothing to compete with the Vita. Another thing about the Vita is it could see full compatibility with even the PS4, with Gaikai.

Again most Nintendo fans don't know what Gaikai can do or what it is because they don't care about Sony.

The Vita can do all that, whether or not people want to accept it because everyone hates Sony or cares to only think Sony is crap simply because of poor sales is up to them. I don't care.

Nintendo has never had the best hardware so it shouldn't surprise anyone now that people actually notice that. It is cheap, undercut for saving cost on production to make a profit.

Regardless though the Vita is technically better hardware and can do the same if not more than the Wii U can without sacrificing any power from the PS3 or PS4.

Many people don't know the Vita and PS3 combo was in development long before the Wii U. Like I say if you like the Wii U fine, love it. Just don't say its more powerful, anything next generation or even innovative hardware wise.

I am not saying Nintendo hasn't done anything innovative with the Wii U but as far as hardware is concerned there is literally nothing innovative about it.

I really don't appreciate how Nintendo does that anyway, I don't get how broke Sony is yet they can make way better hardware than Nintendo ever has. I don't play games for the graphics either but after a while it get's to a point where you do simply want something better.

I mean I was fine with my PSP just like I am sure many are loving their 3DS's but to seriously say you don't care about better graphics or hardware is absurd. I know as soon as Nintendo releases another handheld people will want it because it's simply better.

I don't get why most Nintendo defense arguments always come down to either "I don't care about graphics." Or "I don't care about the best hardware." it's all bullshit because the majority do, like I said otherwise you would not be buying new systems, devices or products simply because they are indeed better than the last.

It's not like most people don't care otherwise they wouldn't be buying new systems period if they didn't care about better graphics or actually having better game play which comes with better hardware and more processing power.

I am just sick of the Sony hate, I have my reasons for not liking Nintendo I really don't hate them directly. I just hate the fact their hardware each time around is never that impressive, when they really could do more by now.

LightofDarkness2024d ago

With one fell swoop, I can reduce this Vita+PS3 combo argument to dust:

The PS3 is not sold with a Vita as standard. That's it.

For this reason, and this reason alone, you simply will not see the same level of support. It's not Sony hate, it's just the way the world works. Developers are not going to sink a large amount of time and effort into a Vita + PS3 feature suite if less than one percent of their end users will make use of it. With the WiiU, 100% of users can, and likely will. They can develop software that fully takes advantage of these features without worrying about wasting their time, safe in the knowledge that these features will make their game more attractive to the vast majority of its end users, and potentially improve the experience for everyone. Do you see the difference?

This goes for smart glass too, but to a lesser extent (because its pretty much device agnostic).

Plus, until people really experience the Wii U in their own home for a few days or more, they won't understand why it's a pretty handy and cool device.

waltercross2024d ago

But it also Isolates the PS3 only users from the rest. I mean if I had a PS3 already, would I buy a PS Vita or a WiiU?

younghavok2024d ago (Edited 2024d ago )

But nintendo does make the best hardware. PS1's lasers went bad pretty quickly and people were doing things like playing them upside down or on their side. PS2s were breaking left and right, even the PS3 had that yellow ring thing going on and I dont even need to mention the 360 do I? You dont hear about this stuff with Nintendo consoles... why? NES. SNES, 64, Gamecube, Wii. Sturdy consoles that were built to last.

Sony throws extra bells and whistles into their consoles but nothing that substantial that it completely outshines the competition. PS3 plays Blu Rays? Ok, the Wii U plays Wii games and is fully backwards compatible with the Wii's devices. Which feature is better for a game console? They both do online play but Wii U has a better browser and Miiverse is a revolution in social gaming. The PS3 controller doesnt have a screen built into it, can you turn off the tv and take your game into the next room on your ps3 controller? As far as a game console goes, the Wii U is king of the hill right now and might remain that way for a while, time will tell.

Amsterdamsters2024d ago

I own all of the current systems that are out and have used pretty much every feature on each. Your comment above just proves that you don't have a Wii U. When you have two analog sticks and many buttons what would the point be to a multi-touch screen? I have a Vita and an iPad also, so I do know what the difference is and I don't see any problem with the Gamepad's touch screen. The multi-touch is a must for the iPad, but doesn't add much to the Vita. Nintendo actually did a great job on the Gamepad. Anyone who says differently hasn't used it much.

exfatal2023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )

its innovative because this is now apart of regular gaming. Nintendo has made that effort to but a tablet into each wii U system as their MAIN controller, thus making it new to and innovative to the gaming crowd.

psvita/ps3 combo never was, thus not innvoative.. psvita/ps3 combo is about as innovative as being able to synce your ipod to your apple tv/products. Also you're telling people to spend 200+ dollars on a handheld then hope developers dont just shove shitty ports of console games onto it, and make it cross with the games their devloping for the ps3. cant wait to play black ops2 with my psvita/ps3 combo.

Also the fact you complain aboput the touch screen is a reason to beleive you dont really own a Wii u, or at least never been on the Miiverese. multitouch isnt good with things other then your finger, meaning no stylist, MEANING no awesome art. Unless you wanna crack the wii u price up for a multitouch glass the size of the resistive touch they have, and a stylist that can write on it as well.

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waltercross2024d ago

Seems I've touched a few nerves without even trying.

I'm not Bashing the WiiU, and the PS3 being a media Hub IS not a bad thing like some people make it seem.

Some people act as if Sony sold out, yet millions are playing games on the PS Vita and the PS3 right now.

The point I was making was that the PS3 has features that the WiiU doesn't have to. My point is relevant to this article.

Nevers0ft2024d ago

Few of us will dispute that the Vita is a capable piece of hardware and has a few features that the Wii U Gamepad either doesn't have or aren't as "good" (multi-touch and a better screen spring to mind) but there's one place where it can never compete and that's the real innovation in the Wii U Gamepad... The low latency.

Which ever way you cut it, PS3+Vita (or Smartglass for that matter) cannot update both screens independently whilst also acting as a controller with little or no lag like the Wii U does. If it could, Sony would've baked it into both the PS3 and Vita firmwares aeons ago. It can do a good job, games like Little Big Planet 2 come close... But not everybody has both consoles and it still doesn't have the bandwidth to transmit a separate 3D scene to it with no latency.

jmc88882024d ago

Too answer an earlier question, I have a PS3, and bought a Wii U.

I also have an i7 920 @4ghz and a GTX 670 with 16gb cl8 ddr3 1600 ram. (and a 360)

PS Vita isn't a Wii U gamepad. One's meant as a standalone device, the other has a companion to a console and a HDTV. It's like saying a motorcycle is plane because both have an engine.

The Wii U has features the PS3 doesn't have, and probably not the PS4 or 720 either.

Vita simply can't do what the Gamepad can do, because it wasn't made for what the gamepad does. Doesn't matter if they put $10,000 worth of tech in a vita, it wasn't designed to be a gamepad. It was designed to be a handheld system.

It also costs only $50 less than an entire Wii U.

No one will code for games that utilize a vita, and the vita cannot do it dynamically. They could make it so you have an inventory screen or select menu options. But anything dynamic? Impossible. Anything actually in-game? Nope. The latency is a big thing as it allows for you the controller to work. If it isn't that fast (or close to it), then it simply wouldn't work.

kupomogli2024d ago


If you're speaking about the Digital Foundry result, they were speaking of an image transmitted to the gamepad itself. It's got 33ms latency to transfer video from the console to the Wii U gamepad, which is faster than most television sets can transmit images, although the image is much worse on the gamepad due to the amount of compression is done.

They haven't tested any results to see how much latency there is between the controller and games when played on the television. The controller to the console will add latency, and the games themselves will also add latency.

Zhipp2024d ago (Edited 2024d ago )

I can't believe people are still going on about this. You're literally comparing two standalone gaming systems to one. Why would I buy a Vita to play games that, ultimately, could be played on the PS3 without the extra screen as opposed to buying a Wii U and gaining access to all of it's exclusives and the entire Wii library? It's not like the screen is the one and only advantage of buying the console.

PopRocks3592023d ago

One second you'll hear someone say the Wii U is gimmicky; the next second someone will be saying the Vita+PS3 can do what the Wii U does and the word gimmick is never mentioned.

1upgamer992024d ago

Who needs another Blu-Ray player? I have PS3 and Wii U. PS3 games+Vita are not the same as the Wii U. The DS/3DS is going to link to Wii U, Nintendo has been doing that since Gameboy Advance. Vita is not selling well, and won't until they drop the price. Just like 3DS. There are not even enough games that Use the Vita/PS3 to justify the purchase, if you wanted to use it as an add on. The Wii U does it right out of the box and does it extremely well. I can pretty much play all over my house with the gamepad too. They say 24 feet, but it works much further than that in my house.

quantae062024d ago (Edited 2024d ago )

@profgerbik Not many people will go out and buy the same game for PS3 & PS Vita just to cross connect. Why buy two of the same games when u can buy one game on one console. It's even worse for people who don't own a PS3 & who would want to use that feature, to go out and buy two video game systems. I love PS3 but to say the cross connection is worth the price to those who just want to use that feature, and don't own either system is crazy. They would have to buy a PS3, Vita, Memory Card, and games, & duplicates of the title they want use the feature on.

mrbojingles2024d ago

That's cool and all but I don't want to spend $250 on a Vita +$20 memory card +$270 PS3 just to do all that.

That's $540 without tax, likely nearing $580 or $590 with tax here in the US.

That's just me. As cool as all the Vita/PS3 stuff is, and I recently played Portal 2 using Move and it was amazing, I can't and don't want to spend that type of money.

N4g_null2023d ago

You know the wii u can use the 3ds, and the 3dsxl as game pads also just like the vita.

Plus the screen is bigger on the game pad. It really isn't much of an argument unless you know you don't own one. Then it supports two game pads... I wonder if the ps3 can use two vitas?

People tend to pick the tech that excutes what it was made to do not based on what it might be jerryrigged into doing. If Sony believed in this so much they would have a bundle right?

Back on topic before the Sonyfantics started complaining about nintendo fanatics in a wiiu only topic... Really looking forward to the two game pad setup.

joeorc2023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )


"If Sony believed in this so much they would have a bundle right?"

think about what you just wrote, there sparky!

How the Hell would Sony bundle a $249.00+ PSVita inside with the PS3 back when the PS3 was still what: $299.00!

but to sit there and say if they really "believed" in so much non sense, the same [email protected] thing was said about the Move, Hey what do you think the Cost for the moves set up would have been in 2006? Huh?
Nintendo cuts corner's in order to beat both Microsoft and Sony to the punch, but yet Nintendo is the one seen as innovative? when Nintendo did not even develop the WiiMote?

yea that's right Nintendo licenced it! unlike Sony which had their R&D Create, develop, and freaking design the [email protected] thing from the ground up. Yea its innovative to just buy it out right, right?

don't think im telling the truth, see for your self.

the Wii Remote began in or around 2001, coinciding with development of the Wii console. In that year, Nintendo licensed a number of motion-sensing patents from Gyration Inc., a company that produces wireless motion-sensing computer mice. Nintendo then commissioned Gyration Inc. to create a one-handed controller for them, which eventually developed the "'Gyropod' concept", a more traditional gamepad which allowed its right half to break away for motion-control. At this point, Gyration Inc. brought in separate design firm Bridge Design to help pitch their concept to Nintendo. Under requirement to "roughly preserve the existing Game Cube button layout", they experimented with different forms "through sketches, models and interviewing various hardcore gamers". By "late 2004, early 2005", however, Nintendo had come up with the Wii Remote's less traditional "wand shape", and the design of the Nunchuk attachment. Nintendo had also decided upon using a motion sensor, infrared pointer, and the layout of the buttons, and by the end of 2005 the controller was ready for mass production.

just like the Power glove, Nintendo once again licenced it.

he Power Glove was originally released in 1989. Though it was an officially licensed product, Nintendo was not involved in the design or release of this accessory. Rather, it was designed by Grant Goddard and Samuel Cooper Davis for Abrams Gentile Entertainment (AGE), made by Mattel in the United States[1] and PAX in Japan.

but yet Sony's DR. Marks was working on and Showed off a working motion control wand with a demo running on the PS2 back in 2000! at siggraph
2000 and again in 2001 and again in 2004!

well before the Wii was even made!

look at the video 7 sec's in what does that say?

thats right 2001! the exact year Nintendo's wii just started development, while at that time Sony was already demo'ed their Move motion technology on 2001. you know what the cost in 2006 for Move would have been with all the components? over $300.00

so the PS3+ Move in 2006 over $800.00 +

Microsofts Kinect back in 2005? How much would that have ran? yea over $400.00

Nintendo cut corner's further for WiiMotion+ because it would have cost an extra $15.00 per WiiMote.


" If Sony believed in this so much they would have a bundle right? "


N4g_null2023d ago

Componet wise why does the move or vita cost so much? Why does no one challenge their pricing lol? Also point tracking wasn't even new when Sony "invited" it. They both rely on other companies. Point tracking has been in vfx for years. It is really too bad they just can't make good games with those "inventions".

Thank you for the illustration of my other point the vita and ps3 combo is a rip off price wise. Just a little wordy and redundant, but thank you for your out rage.

Ethier way the move and vita plus ps3 wiiu copy are both failing tries at some thing nintendo did a great job of getting people to like and buy.

I'd rather use the 3dsxl and another game pad for 4 screen motion tracked gaming!

I'm actually looking forward to the ps4 reveal and if they will go ahead with the head gear, then if they can make fun games for it. Not Sony fanatic fun 20 million copies fun. Ms has some ideas also.

Infact some of my favorite psp games don't even have sequels on the vita. It looks nice but I buy what I want not hope and pray for it.

waltercross2023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )

Suddenly the world is populated by the Wii fan club.

The last Nintendo generation(The Wii), Wii Fans were not so sensitive, but this time around It's pretty hectic.

The thing is, I'm not talking out of my arse here, I do think the Wii U is a gimmick playing Catch-up to the 360 and the PS3 in power.

You can Hook multiple Vita's up to the PS3 by the way and to your Computer, Also I have concerns with the Wii U. My Wii is never used, and My nephew has a Wii to and it is never used. They use the Wii in Retirement homes and Assistant living facilities, I know this because my 71 year old mother told me.

@ scissor_runner

"Componet wise why does the move or vita cost so much?" Because It's Sony. Why do Apple products cost allot?, why is Nintendo products cheap?

N4g_null2023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )

These debates are just wasted time...

You could do the same with the 3ds. I wouldn't call it catch up if you are the first to do it right. Framerate is much more important to me even as a pc user also, I like for hd to mean hd also.

Vitas only problem is games, you may like them but many don't.

Oh yeah wii gamers own pcs also not ps3s. So in our eyes it's catching up with pc not ps3 , since it was subpar.

Back on topic you can't even get gyro screens with the pc space yet. Wii gamers are not that sensitive since we have games with replay value. We also have a new system... No one cares about your dusty wii lol. How about that dusty vita and ps3...

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tehpees32023d ago

The Vita and PS3 together is a lot more expensive then Wii U. Therefore = no.

ShinMaster2023d ago

If assuming you don't already have a PS3.

waltercross2023d ago

You don't need the PS3 to use your PS Vita.

Drainage2023d ago

but it doesnt have quick response time like the wii u was built for.

Legend_Killer2023d ago

The Vita has been out for a while, Sony has been claiming that coupled with a PS3 it can deliver WiiU experience. Trying to get their fans to buy a Vita instead of the WiiU, I say that's ok.

But even you know that both Sony and 3rd party devs wont support the PS3 + Vita gameplay. So go on, buy a vita for your PS3 and wait for an elephant to fly.

If you want a dual screen console experience, you know what to do

MEsoJD2023d ago

I don't see it as a very desirable experience. With my time with the WiiU, I never thought,"gee this is a must have feature". The most useful aspect I see would be the item management, but this is something competent developers have already solved without being too intrusive.

Legend_Killer2023d ago


I understand. Item management is the most basic use of the gamepad. Just give it time tho, Nintendo is not new to the dual screen experience so be sure to enjoy your WiiU in the near future. There are hardly games out now that utilize the GPGPU, CPU and even the gamepad. But hopefully 2013 will be a blast

Hicken2023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )

You know what's stupid about your comment, Legend?

Any third party who makes a game for the Wii U can take advantage of the same features for the PS3/V combo.

Whether or not many of them WILL is another story, but it's really just a matter of whether or not they want to port it over. Naturally, whether or not they decide to do so will also be dependent upon how many Vitas are out there to take advantage of the feature, but there is nothing physically stopping them from doing so.

As of yet, I haven't seen a feature the Wii U and its gamepad can do that the PS3/V duo CAN'T. Whether or not it WILL is another story entirely.

I won't get into the advantages of the PS3/V combo, since I doubt many will take kindly to it, but there ARE bonuses; I think it's pretty silly that people like to play up the Nintendo side of things while simultaneously downplaying Sony's take.

But that's what the current generation of gaming has become, so I'm not really surprised.

Edit: Of course Sony didn't push it. I don't know if you've noticed, but their style isn't to "push." It's to give people options. Besides, what would have been the point in pushing developers to use features for such a small install base(particularly third party devs)? Does it not make more sense to wait until after the Wii U is out- which means that more devs will HAVE to use such features- before they make any push? Let the devs see it as more profitable, or at least not as much of a loss, so they're more inclined to want to develop games that use both devices that way?

Legend_Killer2023d ago


You have a good point, and yes, it is possible for WiiU games to be ported to the PS3Vita. I never said it was impossible, I said it wont happen. Sony made it clear that PS3Vita can do what WiiU can do but still didn't push it and dint motivate 3rd party devs. Get my point please

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millzy1022023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )

I own a ps3 a psvita and a Wii u and I'm telling you for.a fact that the ps3 and psvita cannot do between the 2 systems what the Wii u does on its own, do you own all 3 systems to compare features I think not I do and PlayStation cannot do it. also my vita doesn't have 3g so your wrong on that perspective. and only 2 games confirmed to support cross controller littlebigplannet 2 and marvel vs capcom. that's it. the rest are cross play which you need 2 systems for that the Wii u does out of the box on every game.

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iamnsuperman2024d ago

About the two gamepad games. Lets wait until we see what price the extra gamepad would cost. Normal controllers are already expensive

dennett3162024d ago

It's going to run at least double the cost of a traditional pad....perhaps more. You'd need to be pretty dedicated to a particular game to buy another gamepad in order to get that feature.

Neonridr2024d ago

yeah but if your buddy has a Wii U as well, he can at least bring over his own gamepad.

cee7732024d ago

This will also eat up system resources which equals less impressive games 3 screens will kill potential 2 is already pushing it

DeadlyFire2024d ago (Edited 2024d ago )

I expect 70-85 bucks for one minimum.

MsmackyM2024d ago

I'm looking at $150.00 for the gamepad I would be surprised if it were less than that.

nintendoland2024d ago

80 bucks? Keep dreaming. I think it's more than 100 dollars.

ChickeyCantor2024d ago

Not sure why it would be 100+. It's not a stand alone device.
It's useless on its own.

Most hardware parts in there are dirt cheap.

kneon2024d ago

There is no reason for it to cost over $100. There are full blown tablets with bigger screens, faster processors, cameras etc. that sell for not much more than that. The Wii U gamepad is pretty low tech in comparison.