CheatCC Review: Conflict: Denied Ops - Skip This Tour of Duty

CheatCC writes: "The Conflict series is on quite a long run. Developer Pivotal Games issued entries in the series at a rate of nearly one per year during the last generation of consoles, and the latest entry, Conflict: Denied Ops, is the series' first landing on next-gen platforms. Does it mark a solid transition for the developers or come off as a sour experience? Tell me if you've heard this plot line before: a group of terrorists steal nuclear weapons and threaten the safety of the free world. Does it sound like it's ripped from the back of an '80s action VHS box? Well, it also forms the core storyline in Conflict: Denied Ops. You take control of Graves, a sniper, and Lang, a heavy gunner. The former is white, the latter is black; one is for stealth, the other is your basic tank character-slow to move, but hitting hard. Together, these two characters receive intelligence briefings that fill them in on the latest dealings of the evil General Ramirez and his quest to threaten the world with-you guessed it-nuclear weapons. You'll be doing some heavy globe trekking here-visiting the Arctic, Russia, and parts of Africa in your quest to shoot up as many bad guys as possible and, of course, save the day."

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