'Lost Odyssey' wanders into bland territory

From the review: "There is a fine line that will define whether or not you enjoy Lost Odyssey: if you are a fan of old-fashioned, turn-based RPGs you're going to love it. For anyone else, especially for anyone who put a lot of hours into games like Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, there is little driving this game, except for stunning visuals and a few somewhat memorable side-plots."

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Greysturm3803d ago

Sad, it was starting to get positive reviews. Looks like an jrpg fan only game by the looks of it.

3803d ago
Silver3603803d ago

I am playing it right now and it is a great game. And I also liked Oblivion and Mass Effect. They are all good RPG's he just an not a fan.

ngg123453803d ago

I hate when unknown sites give games low and super high scores, raising the average either lower or higher.

gamesR4fun3803d ago

"it boggles the mind how someone designing an interactive game would choose to make gamers sit there clicking next through 10-20 screens of pure text"

if so not gonna bother picking it up 4 cds and they cant afford to put in enough voice acting to tell the tale sic.