70°'s Hands-on With PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royal DLC

An event hosted at the Sony Santa Monica studio, that took place December 3rd, gave press the chance to get their hands-on the new DLC that is coming out for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royal. This DLC will be highly anticipated by fans not only because of the great content but also for its limited time unbelievable ‘price’. Featuring Gravity Rush’s Kat and StarHawk’s Emmett, this DLC is going to be something every PS All-Stars fans seek. GamersBliss staff had the chance to experience these two new characters on a never before seen map to bring our viewers information on what to expect from this DLC pack.

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TheSuperior 1993d ago

So excited for these characters. Kat seem like she would be really fun to play as :)

Decaf_PIxel_Kat1993d ago

I'm getting mixed reviews on this game from my friends. Sort of a downer. Not sure if I should get it.

capjacksparrow1993d ago

You absolutely should. I really haven't understood people's reaction on this game! Go into it with a clear mind, this isn't Smash Bros. You will have a great time! Buy it, then message me and tell me how you like it. You won't be disappointed.

Nitrowolf21993d ago

if you go in thinking it's smash bros
your going to have a bad time

r211993d ago

Wait, why is Emmet's MAW launcher emitting a red laser, it doesnt do that in the game :L Ah well, at least they got the B&B feature into the game :D

TheGrimBunny1993d ago

DLC makes the world go round