Joystiq live at the Too Human press conference

Joystiq has a coverage of Denis Dyack's presentation of Too Human at the GDC. Read the full story for an outline of the press conference.

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kevoncox3835d ago

Back to the game. It's looking like a AAA.
The guys kind of smug but he just beat EPic down.
I love the fact that it has a Diablo cam..
Can i have a next gen diablo please?

GDC Xbox AAA titles confirmed: 1

PlayStation3603835d ago

Don't know if its a confirmed AAA. But it sure as hell is a confirmed AAA contender. But in either case, I'm in the same boat as you brother. I've been anticipating this sucker ever since I heard about it. Game looks bad ass. And the story seems rather interesting, not many games have based there stories on Norse Mythology.

mintaro3835d ago

ive been wait for this game for a long time.

im giddy!!

281219863835d ago

This game was highly shrouded in a plain of Darkness since its announcement, I'm glad finally we get to see a good enough build for the game.Lesson learnt put enough time in polishing your game and win all your accolades back.

dachiefsman3835d ago

wow it would have been nice if someone would of asked when the demo was going to drop on live?

Dyack keeps saying "soon" for release date....the most over used word since the "Too Human" inception.

kevoncox3835d ago

This pic made me think about KI3...
It reminded me of Fulgor or Glacier...Which we had that game.

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The story is too old to be commented.