Is Microsoft Buying Epic?

AlienLion writes:
Let us take a quick look at Epic Games and what has been happening there, because it almost seems like something stinky might be brewing behind the closed windows and doors. Of course, the big news today is that the president of the company, Mike Capps is stepping down after a decade of service. That is not that remarkable in itself, if you are not aware that there have been suspiciously many such moves from Epic, as of late.

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OneAboveAll1717d ago

That would be pretty great in my opinion! They can still make PC games too. (although for GFWL which doesn't bother me like most cry babies)

Epic also had a lot of design input when it came to the Xbox 360. They told Microsoft they needed more ram than it was originally going to have and they got their wish.

Hope to see a new Unreal game on the next Xbox.

maximaz1717d ago

"Epic also had a lot of design input when it came to the Xbox 360."

Hmmm? I wasn't aware of that. Maybe this time they do too?

QuantumWake1717d ago

I believe it was Epic who convinced Microsoft to put in 512MB of RAM instead of 256MB. They told MS that Gears 1 would not be able to look/run good with just 256MB of memory.

slapedurmomsace1717d ago

They didn't have a lot of input, but hey convinced MS to bump the ram from 256 to 512. Can you imagine how gimped these games would be with 256 to work with?

humbleopinion1717d ago

They didn't just tell them, they actually showed them.

Anyway, this article is pretty pointless and conspirative: when a company buys another company, the first thing they sign is that key talent must stay on board for a certain period of time. Otherwise they are simply risking buying an empty shell of a company since everyone can leave at once. Key people leaving Epic now is actually an indication this is not going to happen.

Not to mention: Epic's bread and butter is the Unreal Engine itself being licensed to almost every major studio and even indie devs. What would become of this source of revenue once MS acquires them? This engine is the top engine in the industry because it scales from consoles to iphones, and once it becomes exclusive to a certain platform most studios will drop it. This simply doesn't make any sense.

Not to mentioned the hilarious biased point of view of the writer:
"Barely a month ago, another big name left the company in Cliff Bleszinski. As hugely annoying as that dude could be, he created some decent waves in the industry, on occasion..."
Just LMAO at "Decent waves of games, on occasions". Way to understate the contribution of someone who's responsible for award winning series from Jazz Jackrabbit, through Unreal Tournament to Gears of War. What's next? Claiming that "Shigeru Miyamoto made a a few games that don't suck here and there" perhaps?

Zhipp1717d ago

What?! Cliffy B. was behind Jazz Jackrabbit? I friggin' loved that game! Used to play it with my siblings all the time...good times.

Anyway, M$ buying Epic wouldn't necessarily mean they'd have to stop licensing out Unreal--not if they're smart, anyway.

nukeitall1717d ago

I think your comment is pretty spot on, albeit I think MS buying Epic and licensing Unreal to competing platform would be just fine (for MS) as they can now better shift preferences to their console.

MS has shown that they are willing to invest in competing platforms.

nukeitall1717d ago

I think your comment is pretty spot on, albeit I think MS buying Epic and licensing Unreal to competing platform would be just fine (for MS) as they can now better shift preferences to their console.

MS has shown that they are willing to invest in competing platforms in the past.

pixelsword1717d ago

If everyone's bailing out, that's like someone buying a bag of peanuts, but only getting the shells.

They're just buying the name, not the people who made the games great.

1717d ago
ShinMaster1717d ago (Edited 1717d ago )

Cliff, Mike Capps and other employees at Epic are starting to resign, just like Rare employees did by the time Microsoft bought them.

Gears Of War Kinect confirmed(?)

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showtimefolks1717d ago

i really hope NOT. Sony,MS and Nintendo should look to buyer the smaller studios and leave these billion dollar companies alone.

i rather have them spend $100 million on xblive and just hire bunch of smaller devs to work on xblive games.


get your facts straight MS killed Rare. and Until 343 studios work on something new you can never say MS proved anything. one thing i do give MS about 343 studios is how many top talent developers they hired for 343 studios.

i wish Nintendo would just buy Rare back

KMCROC1717d ago

Get your fact straight rare was shit before MS bought them.

showtimefolks1717d ago



Donkey Kong Country, Killer Instinct, GoldenEye 007, Banjo-Kazooie, Perfect Dark and Conker's Bad Fur Day.

In 2002, the company was wholly purchased by Microsoft and has since focused on developing games exclusively for Microsoft video game consoles. Rare since then has developed Kameo: Elements of Power, the Viva Piñata series, and the Kinect Sports series

see the difference? they use to make games than MS bought em and all the talent left and what was left work on crappy games and than even they left

there is a reason both sony and nintendo has so many studios yet being bought by MS is like a death sentence

Kalowest1717d ago (Edited 1717d ago )

"Kameo: Elements of Power and the Viva Piñata series" Are awesome, so was the last Banjo game.

cee7731717d ago (Edited 1717d ago )


"Why would MS pay $375 million for a dead company?"

To make your precious avatars and kinect games.


if they buy epic it will be just
gears,halo,gears,halo. over and cover.

JoelJD141717d ago


IP's and copyrights. doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that one out.

Syntax-Error1717d ago (Edited 1717d ago )

Why do you think they were able to be bought so cheap. They were in the toilet. What was Rare's last hit? When MS bought them they churned out Perfect Dark Zero which was trash and it's been downhill since then. Donkey Kong Country and Golden Eye was the old Rare. MS didn't buy Rare when they were on top. They bought them when they were struggling. Looking at their body of work when the N64 was relevant shows how short minded you are. What did they do during the PS2/Xbox generation? Of course MS is going to buy the company for the license of the Unreal Engine. Do you really think it's just for the game development? They are looking at the bigger picture. Games can flop and could turn out to be a loss, but that same crappy game is running on an engine. That's where the money is. Why open a restaurant or bar when 75% of them fail when you can sell the equipment they need to operate.

cee773-You are a shallow thinker and would never make it in business. Thinking they would buy a company for Gears is retarded. They already have that locked down, so why buy the company? IPs, Copyrights, and Trademarks are worth more you idiot. They would own the #1 game development engine in the world. The engine alone could sell for 15 million to a developer....DUH, small eyes

nukeitall1717d ago


You are spot on!

If MS really wanted Gears alone, they could easily just lock it down with a contract like they already have with Gears 1-3 and now Judgement.

A game can flop, making the IP pretty worthless (not literally). Now buying expertise and technology is a whole other set of questions, but then again I don't see why a company like MS would have any problems creating a game engine that rivals Unreal.

They already created a fantastic engine for Halo 4 with 343 Industries.

Jek_Porkins1717d ago (Edited 1717d ago )

Please do research before you post the same regurgitated statements that ignorant fanboys post.

Rare was basically a shovelware developer for the NES in the 1980's, they put out over 50 games, mostly licensed properties like Sesame Street and Nightmare On Elm Street. They had mass turnover because of working conditions.

Eventually they made some quality games, but the team that built GoldenEye on the N64 was actually a brand new side division of Rare whose members had never made a game before. The core of Rare at that time was working on other projects.

There were mass quitting again shortly after Banjo Kazooie was released. Rare has made some great games, but they have gone through a ton of turnovers and have had their fair share of troubles and flops. I've enjoyed a lot of what they've done, but don't list a game like Conker, which was released on N64 and flopped, Microsoft gave that IP a chance and it flopped again, selling less than 50k.

Killer Instinct was good, but the second one flopped as well. Not every game that is well made sells well.

On the topic of Epic, I could see Microsoft buying them, for one thing it would be a constant source of income because of the licensing rights to the Unreal Engine.

As for 343i, they are specifically a Halo developer, that is Microsot's killer app and 343i was built to work on those games. They aren't going to be making anything else. Its the Reclaimer Trilogy that they are working on for the foreseeable future.

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fr0sty1717d ago

they pretty much already have.

torchic1717d ago

yup, that's pretty true.

as a non Xbox owner it would make no difference to my life whatsoever.

Kratoscar20081717d ago

Yeah nothing new there, if MS end buying them no one would notice the difference.

scofios1717d ago

If Microsoft is buying Epic Games , i don't think Cliffy b would have left epic then ,he is the biggest MS fanboy .

BertlSenix1717d ago

Cliffy B always said he wants Gears on other platforms but as long as M$ is good to them(MONEY!!!) they won't do that but other projects could be realized on other platforms.

This is why Cliffy B probably wanted to leave and go Multiplat.
He maybe wants to try his skills on an other crowd of gamers and we all know this is only possible with the Sony Community cause they don't only play Shooters.

LackTrue4K1717d ago

i dont think it will happen....
on topic....i have not seen any news on the new gears of war thinking its getting can.

Boysangur1717d ago

They said there would be gameplay footage debuting this friday on VGA's.

DOMination-1717d ago

Won't happen. Epic would cost a LOT and MS already have 20 first party studios now. I doubt they need any more mega studios

bicfitness1717d ago

Agree with the first part, disagree with the second. MS do not have 20 1st party studios. In order of # of studios for the three manufacturers: Sony > Nintendo > MS

DOMination-1717d ago (Edited 1717d ago )

Microsoft Game Studios have 19

Sony Computer Entertainment have 13

Nintendo have at least 13

Leviathan1717d ago

@ Domination:I looked at that Wikipedia list.First, lets count studios that actually make games. Microsoft has 343, turn ten , twisted pixel, Xbox live productions, lionhead and rare. That is 7 studios. All those others listed only make kinekt games. Some of these studios listed here only make 1 game and some of these studios only make downloadable games. If we ignore those Microsoft is left with ... nothing. But we all know Microsoft doesn't need
to sell GAMES to succeed. It has a different business model. XBOX Live.

NeverEnding19891717d ago

@ Leviathan

Maybe you should look at the list again. 3 of the 20 studios appear to be exclusively making Kinect games.

Meanwhile 12 of those studios are working on Untitled Projects. At least 12 games of tap, mostly likely non-Kinect games, exclusively for the Xbox 360.

Gotta say, it's a good time to be a 360 gamer:) thanks for providing the links Dom

DOMination-1716d ago


You can't be so picky. I was questioned on how many studios MS has and I provided the evidence. Yes, some have made kinect games but who cares? They are still first party and still count.

By your logic does that mean we don't count SCE London for Sony? Because all they've done it make Singstar and Buzz games or crappy move only games? Do we not include Team Ico because they haven't even made a game this gen? Of course not, that would be ridiculous.

Sony have some incredible first party studios but they have ditched a few recently.. and MS are certainly trying to fix one of the biggest and fairest criticisms aimed at them over recent years. They have a LOT of games in development, exclusively for their next console. Now lets see if they will make good games :)

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Gamer19821717d ago

Please NO! MS have destroyed every games company they have bought in the past bar bungie who only managed to not fall apart thanks to not being 100% MS owned. Look at what happened to RARE for example once a huge name in the gaming world and now a 2nd rate developer that nobody looks forward to their next release. EPIC needs to stay independent for that reason. Ms should take a leaf from Sonys book on how to handle studios when taken over.

liquidhalos1717d ago

What type of stuff was rare putting out when MS bought them? It was my understanding that rare was starting to struggle which is why they sold up. Rare started to slip further into decline in in terms of quality well before the buyout, i dont understand how some people can ignore such basic facts solely for the purpos