Worldwide Chart for Week Ending 15th February 2008 ( Without Japan )

Hardware Sales, 15th Feb 2008

Japan America Others Total
DS: n/a 166,899 159,880 326,779
WII: n/a 47,702 108,943 156,645
PS3: n/a 80,214 76,306 156,520
360: n/a 79,204 45,415 124,619
psp: n/a 62,493 47,605 110,098

According to they show the PS3 outsells the 360 by 1000 units

Software " Europe "

ds: 735,412
wii: 481,546
ps3: 337,345
360: 284,710
psp: 54,447

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Relcom3806d ago

PS3 almost outsold the so called "unstoppable" Wii.

jwatt3806d ago

Software sales looking good for ps3 too.

sonarus3806d ago

yea but by the time the japanese numbers come in ps3 gets smoked. It would be crazy if the ps3 could outsell the wii this yr.

masterg3805d ago

My bet last year was that the PS3 would outsell the 360 on Xmas.
This year my bet is the PS3 will outsell the Wii on Xmas. And I'm not talking in small numbers.

gaffyh3805d ago

I was going to say the same thing, but this doesn't include Japanese numbers and PS3 didn't do too well last week in Japan and the Wii always does well.

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niall773806d ago

wasnt like that last week? or through the hole month of January on that site. lol

useless site that good only for the weekly flame war

hella whip3806d ago

The software total I think doesn't include US figures. It is just stating the EU figures.

MrWonderful3806d ago

the us total is the one under america. :)

jwatt3806d ago

No he's right, it doesn't have this week for america, it just goes to last week.

ben hates you3806d ago

¿why do you really give a rats ass about the sales?

Mr Tretton3806d ago

why do you care about people caring?


GTFO then.

Lew_Ijgee3806d ago (Edited 3806d ago )

The better the sales, (simply) the more money (or value) will go into the systems development. Development which includes the free online service and firmware updates. Also more users means more game sales and more games can be developed (1st and 3rd party, exclusives or not) using greater budgets and care.

Also greater sales will help ensure that the next generation in the series will be developed using technology that is even better than its predecessor. Consider if the Nintendo GameCube had sales on par with that of the PS2, then the Wii would have much more power and technology built-in. In the same idea, if the PS2 sales had been more the level of the GameCube then the PS3 wouldn't be quite as feature packed as it currently is.

Any disagrees please explain.

Kyur4ThePain3806d ago

Bubbles for trying to explain a tricky (and touchy) subject.
Yer gots some guts!

cmrbe3806d ago

Because we wan't our console of choice to win. What is it to you?.

Lew_Ijgee3806d ago

@5.3 To-shay

@5.4 Thanks

@5.5 Competition is often a positive thing for the consumer.

Bathyj3806d ago

Why were the X people only a couple months ago going on about attach rates and userbases? Why do they still cling to overall lifetime sales like they're their last line of defense?

Dont start hating the game because you've started falling behind.

antoinetm3806d ago (Edited 3806d ago )

@ lew

About that disagree : That was funny but lets be real, i agree with u

I personally think that fanboy exist because we all know how expensive consoles are. (considering hardware + software)

So in an effort to legitimate and comfort our choice (ps3 or 360)
we keep telling other our choice is the best.

We announce it to others to convince ourselves that we didnt waste our money on the wrong console.

ie : blu vs HDDVD... those cheering for HD didnt want to see it desappear because that would mean that they just lost 200$...(rough estimate)

anyways, thats how i see it but some fanboys are just HATER and they enjoy the hate, so that doesnt apply.

ben hates you3805d ago

why do console vs console turn normal people in to ass holes

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