Use Your Wii as a Media Center

Lifehacker has instructions on how to turn your Wii into a full-fledged media center. The service runs on the Opera-powered Wii Internet Channel with the freeware Windows application Orb.

Here's a video to show the end result and what you can do with it to give you a better idea of what Orb can do for your Wii.

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Durffen3803d ago

I'm using this right now. Although it isn't as simple as 360, it is still simple, convenient, and pretty cool that i can do all this on my Wii without taking up space. Quality for videos isn't the best, but it's pretty cool!

Fishy Fingers3803d ago

I guess if its the only system you own it makes sence.

But personally i use a shuttle PC or sometimes the PS3/360 so i can enjoy the up-scaling.