New update available for download on Wii U

Nintendo has released the first firmware update for Wii U following launch, and it comes in at nearly 600MB.

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SonyWarrior1994d ago

i returned my wii u yesterday got full refund too.

mrbojingles1993d ago

Because of updates?

Otherwise congrats on getting full refund. Most places here don't do that with new, opened hardware.

Amsterdamsters1993d ago

Gee, your ID say's it all. I have my nice new Wii U sitting in the same cabinet as my 360 & PS3. You're loss I guess.

killatia1994d ago

what does the update do?

3GenGames1994d ago

Probably fixes a number of those security bugs and then memory management problems. I mean, have you heard any feedback from the WiiU? You can barely start a game without it crashing/freezing.

Ilovetheps41994d ago

I'm sorry, but I've never had anything close to that. My games open up perfectly every time.

Ihaa1994d ago

According to other sites, it speeds up load times between apps so it shouldn't take forever to load them anymore. Other than that, no one really posted anything on the update so well have to wait for every fix/feature to be announced.

meganick1994d ago

I haven't experienced a single freeze or crash with my Wii U. Where are you getting your info?

MarkusMcNugen1994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )


You know there are some people who still have 1st gen Xbox 360s... Just because you havent had problems doesnt mean others havent.

sniperxx1994d ago

yeah, media hype - the xbox/ps3 sites/fans are trying to make it seem like an issue.

Short of losing power during a firmware update, this is really a non-issue. I havnt had one freeze - been playing COD/Nintendo Land/Mario without any issues.

Amsterdamsters1993d ago

We have 5 Wii U retail games and 2 eshop games and have only had it freeze once early on out of the 50+ hours we've put into it already.

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SilentNegotiator1994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

Fill up your basic's HDD, leaving you needing an external HDD.

SilentNegotiator1994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

Well it does. These are issues that should have been addressed pre-launch.

So being almost forced to buy an external HDD is non-issue? lol

lilbroRx1994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

Its not an issue. They intended for you to use and external hard drive as your primary storage device from the very beginning.

That was well known to anyone who knew even the most basic information about the Wii U before launch just as the launch update was.

There are far to many people trying to insist upon nonissues as problems.

DOMination-1994d ago

Actually.... I didn't know that ^

younghavok1994d ago

im a huge Wii U supporter and I agree with Silent on this. These two big ass updates are eating my basic's storage a tad too much. I intended on getting a drive, hell i have one somewhere around here, but it still kind of sucks.

Neonridr1994d ago

so how about those 4GB Xbox 360's or the 12GB Super Slim PS3?

With mandatory installs on a PS3 becoming an every game issue, how do the PS3 owners get around that?

32GB is plenty of space. Right now I have AC3, Scribblenauts, Nano Assault Neo and Trine 2 all saved on the Wii U HD. If I want more, I can move a couple of these games over to my external hard drive.

LOL_WUT1994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

12gb > 4gb > Wii U 3gb ;)

sniperxx1994d ago

at least you can plug whatever external drive into it you want. I got a 1TB drive connected to it right now...

OneAboveAll1994d ago

Not necessarily. Some of the files in the new patch might be updates to some of the files in the first patch which means they will replace the old files.

kupomogli1992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )


Neither did I. Nintendo made it sound like all this stuff was preinstalled on the Wii U, then after launch, we all learn of the massive day one patch.

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Lubu1994d ago

I hope it speeds up the system load times. Switching between things takes so long.


Wow!!! 600mb's? Pretty big considering the 8gb model is down to three once u do the first update.

3GenGames1994d ago

No, it will rewrite the current OS/Firmware. Don't count on the size going up much at all, if at all. That's not how that works.


Hopefully ur rite. It doesn't matter to me tho because I have a external HDD at 1 tb.

AO1JMM1994d ago

I just finished the update on my 8gb and the space was effected. Seems to decreased load times for apps.

TemplarDante1994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

But, I thought people said Sonys updates were ridiculously big (150mb)
I bet Nintendo will have a picture of Mario riding on Yoshi about to punch King Bowser in the gut playing on the screen during the update , and the Wii U fanboys will forget all about how big the update is and say "Im okay with it, I love my Wii U" ..
A word of advice, dont unplug or disconnect the wii u during the update..

evercast1994d ago

You know what.. If it had an animation of Mario riding Yoshi about to punch King Bowser in the gut playing on the screen, I would totally forget all about how long it was taking and be like Yay Mario I love my wii u!

stuntman_mike1994d ago

they should have something like on the 3ds when you download something from the e-shop. the little crystals going in the box and the little bag guy running and hiding. I like that...

PopRocks3591994d ago

Downloading the update right now. And no sadly, no cute animation with this one. All we get is a blue wheel. I also am saddened to report that the update is going by pretty slowly too.

Oh well. I'm browsing about and doing some studying in the meantime. If the update changes the system for the better, then it'll be worth it.

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