Mass Effect 1 on PS3 has long load times, pop-in and frame rate issues

Mass Effect Trilogy finally launched on the PlayStation 3 today. For the first time ever, gamers can experience the series’ first entry on Sony’s console.

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NovusTerminus2025d ago

I don't mean to offend anyone here... I loved the first Mass Effect...

But it had long load times, large texture pop ins and frame rate problems on the 360 as well... Mass Effect was fun, and a great story, but in terms of tech, it was not so good...

boybato2025d ago (Edited 2025d ago )

For those who bought it, Is it worst than what is exhibited in Rage?

Bimkoblerutso2025d ago

No, Rage is literally one of the most technically embarrassing high profile games ever released, in all seriousness. Mass Effect is bad, but it's not THAT bad.

vickers5002024d ago

RAGE wasn't THAT bad, at least not for me. Sure there was texture pop in, but it always fixed itself in a few seconds.

With Mass Effect 1 I barely seem to recall any issues at all. Guess I'm just a little less nitpicky when it comes to game issues than most other people. Well, except issues in games like CoD MP, where the issues actually negatively affect the game.

moneygun22024d ago

Rage was actually pretty stable. This was only after the optional 6.6gb install. Was it perfect? No. But the performance was night and day compared to playing an uninstalled version on the 360

Orange2024d ago

Anybody see Eurogamer's Rage analysis of SSD use? Pop-in was dramatically reduced by popping a solid state drive into the ol' PS3:

The video shows some dramatic differences with Rage.

Biggest2024d ago

That's what every console gamer dreams about. Upgrading their "rig" for one game.

Yodagamer2024d ago

@Biggest, it didn't only help Rage it can help other games too, especially if they use the hard drive extensively.

da_2pacalypse2024d ago

Don't even read this article PS3 players. Take it from an xbox player, these issues are well worth the best game in the series. Play it, It's amazing. Bioware wont make anything this good for a while!

Reverent2024d ago (Edited 2024d ago )

If you want a game with embarrassing tech, try Dead Island. It was a fun game, but Jesus Christ, the texture pop in, draw distance, load times, and auto-saving *attempts* were just atrocious.

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-Mika-2025d ago

Even if this was a ps3 only problem. I still would of bought it anyway.

Eyeco2025d ago

I remember when they said the Orange Box was an unplayable mess on the PS3 i'll guess allot of PS3 didn't buy it because of that.

it's a shame because i bought it a few years back and it's nowhere near as bad as the media made it out to be, aside from the loading in between checkpoints which was about 3 seconds max the game ran fine for me , it wasn't the unplayable mess the media had made it out to be.

Anon19742024d ago

I picked up the Orange Box in a bargain bin just for the helluva it and loved it. Going back, it received excellent review scores but the backlash against the game made it seem, as you mentioned, that it was an unplayable mess. Nothing is further from the truth.

It's a shame that we let internet rumblings color our opinions of games. That's why I have my review sources that I've come to trust over the years and I tend to stick with them to assist my buying decisions.

I don't know about Mass Effect though. I've got ME2 on my PS3, I just haven't tried it yet. Usually I like to start at the beginning of a series but just due to limited gaming time these days I think I'll start with 2 and, if I enjoy it, go back and play one.

rainslacker2024d ago

I was playing this last night for a while. About halfway through the Eden Prime mission before I decided sleep was a better option. I personally didn't notice any texture pop-in, but I dont' really look for that stuff. Load times seemed to be fast enough given the size of the maps. Haven't played any on the Normandy yet so can't say how bad it would get when there is lots of loading going on. There were a couple of frame rate hiccups, but I only noticed them in movies, not actual gameplay...kinda like with ME3.

So far the only downside I've seen is the long install time before you can play, and the crappy QTE hacking mini-game.

Personally I'm kinda happy to have a reason to go back and make a renegade Shep.:)

Megaton2025d ago

Yeah, it was a technical mess on 360. It wasn't uncommon for the framerate to drop under 20 FPS.

iamgoatman2025d ago

The PC port was awful as well. Started a new game the other day but it stutters like crazy even on an SSD.

Megaton2025d ago

Didn't have any stuttering on PC unless it was from loading. The framerate crawl spots from the 360 version don't exist in the PC version since it's all up to your GPU.

Septic2025d ago

Indeed. Aside from the frame rate issues, it also suffered from odd bugs. One example, nearer the end of the game there was a bit where you have to drive the Maco vehicle and for some reason, the bloody thing was driving like there was little to no gravity. It was bouncing all over the place and I couldn't complete for ages.

After restarting the game, the handling suddenly changed and lo and behold, I could finish the sequence.

I'm not surprised that the PS3 port suffers the way it does; the original was quite messy technically. is an amazing game and this should not detract potential purchasers.

f7897902024d ago

I played it on the pc and it would use 100% of my cpu constantly. It was ridiculous.

Mass effect 2 used about 60-70% so yeah...the coding sucked balls for Mass Effect 1.

Perjoss2024d ago

"The PC port was awful as well. Started a new game the other day but it stutters like crazy even on an SSD."

Sounds like you have a problem, My system is more than 3 years old, I dont have a SSD and I can run it on max settings and it stays silky smooth all the way from start till finish.

andrewsqual2024d ago

Waits for REAL analysis by Eurogamer's Digital Foundry guys, not some retard looking for hits.

Norrison2024d ago

I didn't experience stuttering, you should check that, what I did experience was really low res character textures it was bad on every platform but it's still one of the best games ever made and a high res texture mod fixes it's only flaw.

ProjectVulcan2024d ago (Edited 2024d ago )

PC version worked perfect for me. Didn't have an SSD at the time but ran brilliantly. Much much better than the 360 version which has framerate problems, texture pop in and also slow loading aka the infamous elevator rides.

That was all virtually eliminated on a half decent PC even with a standard mechanical hard drive. A 2007 Pc as well.

5 years later with an SSD it runs even better.

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showtimefolks2025d ago (Edited 2025d ago )


thank you as someone who played the original on xbox360, when did ME1 not have frame rate issues along with texture pop in?


i remember when you got in the elevators the game would sometimes drop to single digit frames lol,

you know the cray party is even with those issues ME1 is still a great game on xbox360,ps3. ps3 fans are getting the same game xbox360 gamers got few years back and now it seems with same problems lol

Cam9772025d ago

I might buy it regardless.

rpd1232025d ago

Very true. I had it for 360 and I it so much even with all the technical problems. It was incredibly fresh and new at the time. Fantastic story.

ABizzel12025d ago

That's true, but you'd think they would have fixed it by now for both versions, but why work hard when you can make a quick $$$

princejb1342025d ago

sad part is bioware promised better framerate and better load times than the 360 version
im still buying this trilogy since i never played any mass effect

Denethor_II2024d ago

At first it was, and in Microsoft owns words," XBox is the only place to have the full Mass Effect experience". Which was followed up by legions of fans repeating the sentiment with lines like, you can't enjoy Mass Effect 2 and 3 on the PS3 without 1. Now it's yeah well, Mass Effect 1 has pop in issues. Give it a rest.

theEx1Le2024d ago

Why would any xbox 360 player claim this? The 360 version is littered with the same problems.

Denethor_II2024d ago

@theEx1Le The same reason they bought the console in the first place maybe?

rpd1232024d ago

No 360 fans are even saying that though. Everyone above just admitted it's the same on 360.

TheTwelve2024d ago

Exactly...I was about to say...just like the original??

deafdani2024d ago

I remember quite well the large texture pop ins (it was even amusing to watch) and frame rate issues, but long load times? I don't know, unless of course you count those elevator travels in the Citadel. :P

Mass Effect 2 also had quite long load times, especially after you got killed in a mission and had to restart it.

I still loved the series, blemishes and all, though! :D

MWong2024d ago

It's funny I guess people thought that since it was released so many yers ago all the issues would have been fixed. I remember all that texture popping and the frame rate slowing to a crawl.

Legion2024d ago (Edited 2024d ago )

Yes... Mass Effect 1 did have long load times and pop-in. (but the pop-in was actually just texture pop-in from what I recall) but how long ago was that? You would think they would resolve those issues instead of just bringing them to the PS3 in this day and age?

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Chuk52025d ago

How is this still a problem 5 years later? Goddamn it Bioware, get your ish together.

slaton242025d ago

all they did was just port it over they did nothing extra...look at when it was announced to release date...they rushed it to make some money...but i will still buy the collection soon because i would love to play mass effect been waiting for the first game before i got started on the 2nd and 3rd

nukeitall2025d ago (Edited 2025d ago )

It is a problem when you port it a game over to a more restrictive platform.

For instance, texture pop-ins are due to low ram, i.e. Xbox 360 has up to 512 MB of RAM, while PS3 only has 256 MB of RAM for the task. It wouldn't then surprise me that the PS3 version has severe texture-pop ins.

neoMAXMLC2025d ago

Umm... Then why does Mass Effect 2 look and run so much better?
Don't pretend like the 360 didn't have the same exact issues in this game.

TekoIie2025d ago

"Umm... Then why does Mass Effect 2 look and run so much better?"

Umm... It doesn't...

neoMAXMLC2024d ago

Sure as hell looks to be that way compared to Mass Effect 1, Pekolie. Mass Effect 2 on PS3 ain't half bad. Performance wise it's definitely better than Mass Effect 1 so the PS3's hardware clearly can't be the reason for the first game's shortcomings like nukeitall suggests.

f7897902024d ago (Edited 2024d ago )

#2 ran and looked better on the pc than #1!

DigitalRaptor2024d ago (Edited 2024d ago )


Mass Effect 2 on PS3 definitely looks and runs better than ME1 on 360, so suggesting that its a problem exclusive to PS3's RAM limitations is absurd. We all know about the differences in RAM between the PS3 and 360, but in this case, you're wrong.

From what I've heard, the screen tearing is no longer an issue in this port so other issues aside I can't commend BioWare enough for going out of their way to give PS3 owners the chance to experience Mass Effect from begging to end. 5 years on, better late than never.

Silly gameAr2024d ago

You have no clue what you're talking about.

nukeitall2024d ago (Edited 2024d ago )


That is comparing apples to oranges.

ME2 on PS3 runs at best on par with the Xbox 360 version. Then you compare the Xbox 360 version of ME1 to PS3 version.

Keep in mind that in both cases, the games were released on PS3 long long after meaning there is expected to be improvements which there are none.

In particular, ME1 was a 2007 release and we are talking 4-5 years later!!!


"Umm... Then why does Mass Effect 2 look and run so much better?
Don't pretend like the 360 didn't have the same exact issues in this game."

See above, but essentially one is a corridor shooter while the other is an open world game that requires a longer draw distance i.e. pop ups!

Hicken2024d ago

Trying too hard, nukeitall.

Crappy port is crappy. End of story. No need for you to try and BS some imagined weakness the PS3 has.

solidjun52022d ago


you have no idea what you're talking about. You're spouting off BS; which is common for you.

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cjbow162025d ago

Bioware is shit of piece! they don't care. they don't fix issues. they always fail fail fail fail.

trouble_bubble2025d ago

"Now, it’s true that some of these problems were apparent in the original Xbox 360 release of Mass Effect 1..."

Ummm, no. ALL OF THESE were problems on the original XBox 360 release of Mass Effect 1. Go play it, and bring some popcorn for the long elevator rides. The game was bogged down on the 360, the more enemies the worse it got. Frames were always hit hard.

ALLWRONG2025d ago (Edited 2025d ago )

Yeah it is a little buggy on the 360. Little buggy LOL. The game drops to a crawl at some points.

humbleopinion2025d ago

Well there are framerate drops, and there are "framerate dropped so badly that I had to restart". I don't recall having to restart anything on the X360 version nor the PC version like the article mentions here.

Jazz41082024d ago (Edited 2024d ago )

Is the article where you blame the dev or the 360 or ms? Just wondering since sony can do no wrong. Even there turd slides down the toilet in a symetrical way. Open the bathroom windows sony mush be in someones house again.

DOMination-2025d ago

There is one side mission on the 360 where you fight some rachni in a cave. When you come out there is a bug where the game is probably less than 1fps.

Other than that there's some dipsmonly on the citadel but its usually if you try and move straight after its loaded. I never thought it was a big deal. And I've put 200 hours into it.

cjbow162025d ago

if i remember Bioware told us promised to improvise texture pop up and add engine from Mass Effect 2. if true, Mass Effect 2 engine may responsible to have issues. if without... maybe good or bad at all. i m not sure. i'm not expert.

soundslike2025d ago

I'm not able like as to therefore I even will never though all without.

zgoldenlionz2025d ago

^ I'm with soundslike on this one.