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What Will Next Gen Bring That We Don’t Already Have?

Joel Taveras writes, “Bigger, better, louder, more.” That was the way God of War and Twisted Metal creator David Jaffe described the next gen when I questioned him about it earlier in the year. What I found interesting from that interview was that even an industry visionary like Jaffe couldn’t shoot me a straight answer on what the next generation of consoles and games would even bring and, for the past 10 months since that interview, I’ve wondered the same exact thing. (Industry, Microsoft, Next-Gen, Nintendo, PS3, Sony Computer Entertainment, Wii U, Xbox 360)

taz8080  +   847d ago
If its graphics, meh. I'm hoping for smarter AI
BitbyDeath  +   847d ago
We're getting that now with "The Last of Us".
I'm hoping for true multi-tasking.
JoelT  +   847d ago
I'm not even trolling, but genuinely interested as to what you mean by "multi-taking" pertaining to games.
BitbyDeath  +   847d ago
Ability to play music, watch movies, play games, copy files, run home, access the store/web etc.

All at the same time or at least 2 or even 3 at once.
Septic  +   847d ago
It's about time that significant strides are made in the area of Artificial Intelligence. I think this generation's take on it has, on the whole, been woeful.

With the exception of certain A.I behaviours, I cannot think of a single game that has convincing A.I. Admittedly, it's a very difficult area to program for but even so, in comparison to the effort put into areas such as visuals, physics, scale etc, AI has been neglected to the detriment of the medium.

I really do hope that the Last of Us lives up to its promise. What is the point of amazing looking 3D gaming worlds when the 'inhabitants' that comprise these worlds are hollow and one dimensional at best?
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pixelsword  +   847d ago
Accurate grenade/n00b-tube/mine detonation. I hate it when someone launches a grenade from a launcher three feet away from me and gets no damage, or you set-off a mind coming around a corner and detonate it and die before you even go through a door.

That, and advanced boob jiggle.

@ septic;

Play Killzone 2 on elite; it's probably the best AI I've seen this gen.
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stragomccloud  +   847d ago
So.... a PC?
Not trolling. Just being facetious.
Thefreeman012  +   847d ago
you can already play music and play games at the same time. im not sure why you would want to watch a movie while playing a game because then you are not giving any good attention to either.
th3n00bg4m3r  +   846d ago
Yep, The Last Of Us has the best AI in a video game ever.
konnerbllb  +   847d ago
Graphics, AI, Physics, Map size, Team size, ect.
Conzul  +   846d ago
I'm tired of seeing cloth clipping.

Anyone who's watched Altair, then Ezio, climb to synchronize and see their cape just magic itself through the wood platform knows what I'm talking about.

Oh, and METAL ARMOR DOESN'T STRETCH! Stop having it deform along with the mesh it rests on! Sheeesh.
ILive  +   846d ago
I think the price range should be between $400 and $500 dollars. We need some form of a noticeable leap in the visual department because that is what they are going to use to sell their consoles. I don't like the whole AI argument. Do you want it to take 6000 hours to kill an enemy because it was super smart? What if you are surrounded by multiple enemies? It is still a game after all is it not? Enemies should be challenging, but not to the point that its vexing. Perhaps when it comes to co-op partners should be smarter but not to the point they are killing all the enemies, leaving you with nothing. Perhaps stealth games are where AI need more work. I want noticeable improvements in graphics, creative freedom for developers (which means taking risks), more rewarding game-play experiences, less sequels and fun games that combine all the elements together for great entertainment like Uncharted 2. I also want more people in multiplayer. 30vs30 sounds good to me. Next gen may be my the last gen I can truly have time to game.
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wiiulee  +   847d ago
the wiiu is the only true next generation console that is going to be out with true next generation gameplay and uniqueness with great graphics....sony and microsoft will settle for prettier picture while pc games still look better then them and haters and silly fanboys will be happy that the next xbox and ps4 can do pictures twice as pretty as ps3....nintendo went the right direction with major interaction upgrade and rounded better graphics then the current generation...then again im sure sony and microsoft are thinking of ways to copy the wiiu gamepad.
BitbyDeath  +   847d ago
FYI. Not everyone likes the Wii U tablet/gamepad.
Stroke666  +   846d ago
thus the pro controller was born, problem solved no? but why waste developer time to skip the cool shit the gamepad can be capable of.... meh whatever floats ur boat
Pillsbury1  +   847d ago
Sony and m$ do follow and imitate what Nintendo does which means they are unique. I like the wii u because it tries to innovate but we all know the ps4 will be more powerful, but better graphics doesn't translate to better games. Sony brings amazing exclusives and pushes tech to new heights.
Daoshai  +   847d ago
Have we not grown up yet? This m$ stuff is so childish
Stroke666  +   846d ago
so I take it doashai is ur real name?... no? we cant pick and choose when to be freely expressive my friend.
ratcop22  +   847d ago
The wii u is a joke sorry to say. The graphics don't even achieve next gen or current gen.
PopRocks359  +   847d ago
Based on what, launch titles (most of which are current generation ports) or analyses done by random hackers? How about giving the console its due time before writing it off graphically?
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Stroke666  +   846d ago
How about playing one(not kiosk bound) before making empty statements
ratcop22  +   845d ago
Techincally this a response to PopRcoks359 but Ng4 is being stupid and won't let me reply directly. Yes I am saying the Wii u is a joke based off of Launch titles. When the xbox 360 launched it had Ps2/xbox games on but looked and played much better. When Ps3 launched it had Resistance which played much better than pretty much any Ps2/Xbox game
pixelsword  +   847d ago
"the wiiu is the only true next generation console that is going to be out with true next generation gameplay and uniqueness with great graphics"

You *must* hook me up with your supplier.

As most Wii U people state, the next gen is the next one out, so by definition all next-gen consoles will have true next-gen gameplay.

As far as great graphics, when the Wii U reaches God of War III level graphics, I'll sort-of believe it; when it surpasses it, then it will merely live-up to what Reggie and a lot of "U" folks have been saying from the beginning, it will not advance it's reputation though.
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GrandTheftZamboni  +   847d ago
4K visuals for games on discs, 1080 for cloud games.
JoelT  +   847d ago
While 4K TV prices linger around 25,000 USD, 4K games seem to be a ways off.
pixelsword  +   847d ago
Some of us can afford 4K televisions, so why should we suffer or the tech be put on hold for the next gen while the other gamers wait around for the tech to drop?

That's the same reason why consoles are behind in some way; This gen is bucking that trend, and I hope the next one puts consoles neck and neck with cutting-edge and near-future PC specs.

I understand that it could add to the price, but basically what will happen is one of three things:

The tech will be available next gen while in a year or two the tech will be old and then old tech will be put in next gen consoles (basically what people are saying Nintendo is doing with the Wii U)

Console will start to have shorter console cycles and will price itself out of the market due to the general population's advancing PC knowledge (hey, if you're going to spend several hundred dollars in less than five to seven years on a console, you might as well do it on something that you can mod and possibly make money on)

Or, the tech will simply not be used this gen (if at all) and it will put the PC in a stronger position because the tech will eventually drop in price, and if it's not going to be used, then it's going to be a tech that PC and graphic snobs will flock to.
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GrandTheftZamboni  +   846d ago
You're right. But take into account 1 year till the next gen consoles are released + 5 years console cycle. Consoles should be able to utilize what will be a standard in their last year or two.
konnerbllb  +   847d ago
1080p on cloud would be nice, I don't think we'll see 1080p at 60fps this gen, we can't even do 720p at 60fps this gen.
boybato  +   847d ago
its been several years since "this gen" started.
pixelsword  +   847d ago
There's been a few 1080p, 60fps games this gen
Qrphe  +   846d ago
1080p should be an easy task for the new gen (it's been a standard for years on PC).

Don't expect 60fps on most games though. I say this because most developers will favor graphical effects over higher framerate most of the time.
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FarCryLover182  +   847d ago
Graphics, AI, PHYSICS, destruction, more NPC's on screen.
madjedi  +   846d ago
I would like to see more games, make use of a more realistic physics destruction engine like the digital molecular matter engine, lucasarts used in the force unleashed games.

And a definitive reduction or all together elimination of loading screens or cutscenes to mask the load screens.

Is a open world game like fallout/skyrim with battlefield bad company 2's level of destruction or better being too greedy?

Does nvidia's physx engine ect do the same thing, ie objects respond more like they do in real life. Wood splinters, glass shatters, metal bends ect.

I could see sony show the infant stages of vr, they have a personal headset tv screen equivalent to a 150 inch screen. Motion controls(move) and add a head tracking device with built in high def speakers and there you go. You could even sub the move for a regular ds3.

Of course if they did do this, it would be a very niche market at first, but as technology progresses over time i could definitely see it take off.
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Pillsbury1  +   847d ago
True 1080p standard 60 fps for all games. True multi tasking like opening up the browser while gaming, an improved browser that doesn't crash my ps3 all the time. An overall better smoother experience than we already have. Ps4 I am ready. Long live play.
creized1  +   847d ago
AI > Physics > Graphics
SolidGear3  +   847d ago
AI, AA, 1080p, 60fps and graphics. I see not many issues with physics in the current gens games.
Trago1337  +   847d ago
1080p 60fps wont happen for the majority of next gen console games people, get a PC.
MsmackyM  +   847d ago
1080p,60fps, 500 vs 500 multplayer games, 100% destructible environments.
Genuine-User  +   847d ago
ylwzx3  +   847d ago
Well, it will bring slightly better graphics but don't expect leaps and bounds...
Triggytrolls  +   847d ago
I would imagine it will match that of a high end PC?! Better looking games, better fps, bigger multiplayer games ect ect.
QuantumWake  +   847d ago
In terms of graphics, realistically I see 720p/60FPS and 1080p/30FPS with probably sports games and arcade titles doing 1080p/60FPS. Maybe with an AAA title here or there with 1080p/60FPS.

AI, physics, etc. should also be a big improvement next-gen.

We'll see.
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aquamala  +   847d ago
I think a lot of people will be disappointed, sure visuals will get better but nothing like the jump to 720p.
Patrick  +   847d ago
I want better AI and more options in open world games like Skyrim. Like for instance, if while wondering the land I find a great place for a house. I want to ability to find out who if anyone owns the land, either buy it or stake my claim on it, cut down trees or buy wood and supplys (maybe even LBP style except in 3D) and build a house to my design.... or to be able to claim a place once I have cleared it of bad guys and put what ever I want inside it. I also want the NPC's to have more than one or 2 things to say and it would be awesome to be able to say what I want (probably typing it in) and them understand it and act accordingly (but I think thats alot to ask right now given our technology, but the I-phones can kind of do it) but stuff like that.... you get the point. Just more options...
r21  +   847d ago
I want to see in-game break improvements. I mean come on, how silly is it if my characters shoots dead bodies and stuff and they're all ok after hunderds of bullets.
mochachino  +   847d ago
Greater immersion.
Sykoticz  +   847d ago
Multisample anti-aliasing and Physx and 4k rez or full 1080p i dont really care also i would like to have 64 player maps and Dx11
SolidGear3  +   846d ago
Multisample AA and DX11 for sure! 1080p and 60fps is an obvious given.
mmike855  +   847d ago
The next generation will bring worlds to your fingertips. Persistent universes with giant, sprawling story-lines and the possibility for the next generation true ecosystem and damage models. From more complex models and animation to ray-tracing, we are in for a treat, because it has been over 7 years since a true next generation platform was released.
black911  +   846d ago
Everytime someone mentions Next Gen i say

Ai: The Last Of Us

Graphics: Beyond Two Souls
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