ePSXe (PS1 Emulator) Version 1.80 Released; First Android Version Released

DSOGaming writes: "Man, it’s been ages since I last checked on ePSXe. Ah, the memories of running ISSPro and enjoying the best soccer game that was never coming to the PC – well, at least back then. Or how about Final Fantasy VII with its 3D hardware accelerated graphics (thanks to all third-party plugins). Or Tekken 3."

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Dark_Overlord1998d ago

Wow, I can't believe they're still updating it now! Greatest PS1 emulator available :) Though I still prefer to get the old grey box out and link it to the TV :)

Kratoscar20081998d ago

My white PS1 got toasted last year :`( so i dont have another option.

George Sears1998d ago

I bought this for my Galaxy S3 and it works flawlessly a while ago There is another psx emulator called fpse that has a lot more options to tweak the thing even more.

Bathyj1998d ago

Might check it out for my S2

Chrono1998d ago

Wow finally I can replace that buggy FPSE.