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Paste has harsh words for Far Cry 3.

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bronxsta1964d ago

Are you kidding me?
Does this sound like a quote from a 5.5 review to you?

"Everything that Far Cry 3’s single-player campaign does well, from the large open world to the emergent gameplay, was done just as well in Far Cry 2. Far Cry 3 recreates why people loved to play Far Cry 2, and you’ll no doubt read many permadeath diaries and tense dispatches from breathless correspondents who parachuted off a waterfall before killing fifteen guys with a bow and punching a komodo dragon. Focus on that part of the game and you’ll love it."

The guy's only real problem is the narrative and character development, which in my opinion, shouldn't knock off so many points from a game he clearly enjoyed

charted1964d ago

The reviewer is entitled to his opinion in his own review. But when he does state a huge chunk of paragraph filled with positive comments, he cant go and contradict himself with an outlandish score.

At least make the score reasonable. Or keep their reviews consistent with the score.

Son_Lee1964d ago

What the hell is Paste?

Septic1964d ago

Paste is the taste that is left in your mouth as you come across hit seeking waste in your haste to read news that left you disgraced at the 'journalism' that needs to be replaced by something that isn't defaced where objectivity and integrity is embraced.

Sarobi1964d ago

Damn you Paste.. (whoever you are)

ApolloTheBoss1964d ago

Lol yeah I'm buying the game.

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The story is too old to be commented.