RUMOR: 3DS Hardware Announcements For Nintendo Direct 12/5

Dual Pixels just received word from Geno that Nintendo will make several announcements regarding the 3DS tomorrow at Nintendo Direct.

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1543d ago
GraveLord1543d ago

Again!? Talk about desperate..what's next? 3DSi? i3DS? 3DS mini? 3DS Pocket?

meganick1543d ago

They're announcing new colors, not new versions of the 3DS.

Nodoze1543d ago

Exciting. Discount the XL and make it black (not red or blue) and I am all over it.

GFahim1543d ago

heres hoping for a new 3ds with the second analogue...

Plagasx1543d ago

For fucks sake it better not be another 3DS because I just bought one...

That is, unless it's one with a 2nd analog stick :D

ronin4life1543d ago

Fewer and fewer games make use of a second stick on 3ds. I really, REALLY doubt a second stick revision will ever happen or be needed.