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PS Vita 2000: What should change when the Vita gets redesigned

Gimme Gimme Games writes about what they want to see changed in the eventual PS Vita redesign. Among others they suggest a smaller screen, some internal storage and more. (PS Vita, Sony)

LOGICWINS  +   847d ago
Yeah, I'm holding out for the redesign.
Tired  +   847d ago
Those were dreadful ideas.

What's the point in keeping the same resolution and adding hdmi out? It would look awful.

In fact if those were implemented. I'd buy another back up vita now. Coz there's no way in hell I'd put money down for the monstrosity they described.
Snookies12  +   847d ago
A... Smaller screen? Why? That's a huge selling point for the Vita is the beautiful big screen.
LOGICWINS  +   847d ago
100% agree. The big screen IS a selling point as it helps give that "console on the go" experience. Doubt Sony would get rid of it.
LiViNgLeGaCY  +   847d ago
Completely agree with both of you. I would absolutely NOT want a smaller screen.
Myst  +   847d ago
Honestly everything listed is pretty much some of the main things people are perhaps looking for. Not sure I could even add to it given that I have a vita I'm okay with it. I mean the battery seems meh at times but that's why I have at least two chargers ( Car and wall ). Though I couldn't see a vita redesign happening for perhaps a few more months maybe into next year around this time some snippets of information will be released about it?
Only thing it needs is a better camera imo. Hdmi out would be cool but really only 15% of psp owners (if that) actually used it so I doubt sony would waste time on it.
DonMingos  +   847d ago
An HDMI out, A 32 GB internal storage, increased battery life and R2/L2 buttons for a better use as a PS3/PS4 controller
Godchild1020  +   847d ago
The better battery life, the installed memory and the HDMI out is the 3 things I would really love to see in version 2 of the Vita.

I'm not really worried about the speakers, I use headphones when gaming on the Vita. Why make the Vita screen smaller, to make the buttons bigger? One of the best parts of the Vita, is the 5 inch OLED screen.

I would hate to see a slide out anything on the Vita; it would make it bigger and bulky.
jjb1981  +   847d ago
I just want L3 and R3 on the sticks, as well as shoulder buttons L2 and R2. Then it would be great
sdozzo  +   847d ago
How about some more games. The hardware is awesome. LEGO and Ben 10 racing games don't move hardware.
one2thr  +   847d ago
So naming two games that people probably have no interest in, is your arguing point of Vita needing "more games" when it has plenty of good games, that are ignored by the masses?..
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sdozzo  +   845d ago
The point is the opposite of yours. I do not think they have "plenty of good games." If the games are so good why are they being ignored by the masses?
one2thr  +   845d ago
Because people are either on the "Vita has no games" bandwagon or their happy with their hands shoved up their asses, while they spew ANY to ALL reasons on why they wont go out of their comfort zones to at least give some of its good titles a try. So their satisfied with playing the "Vita has no games" game than actually playing Good Vita games, on the Vita...

Its a sad reality, really....
porkChop  +   847d ago
Slide out controls are fucking stupid and cheap looking, and you wouldn't be able to fit the analog sticks under the screen without making them even smaller.

Smaller screen? Is that a joke? The big screen is one of the main selling points of the Vita, a big beautiful screen with vivid colors. Hell, I wouldn't even mind if they made the screen slightly bigger.

I agree that the speakers should be moved under the screen toward the edges, and they should be better quality. 2GB internal storage for save games is a good idea, so is a better battery life.

Mini HDMI is a must, many sites just haven't been reviewing Vita games at all because there's no good, easy way to record high quality gameplay gameplay. However, this could be fixed with an HDMI adapter/accessory, I mean the Vita has the accessory port on top that hasn't been used yet.
rpd123  +   847d ago
So...you want a newer PSP Go? Why would you want slide out controls and a smaller screen? Why don't we remove the front and back touch screens while were at it.
LiViNgLeGaCY  +   847d ago
Yeah, these were some downright awful suggestions in my opinion. =/
nevin1  +   847d ago
From What I played and learned

The face button seems small

Dpad feels nothing like the DualShock

Analog sticks feels nothing like Dualshock

Going back to the XMB should be a option

Card slot for Memory Stick Pro Duo(PSP)

Creating folders via USB Mode.

I hear the camera sucks so update the quality

L2/R2 L3/R3( Current users will use back touch while new people have the choice)

4G model?
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Krew_92  +   846d ago
I actually find the d-pad on the Vita to be better than the PS3 controller one, hell it's one of the best I've used.

It has an overall great design that feels fluid.
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cpayne93  +   846d ago
The dpad is great on the Vita, and while the analogs aren't ds3 quality they are more than adequate. You couldn't fit analogs that big on a handheld.
BitbyDeath  +   847d ago
I know it's a software thing but my biggest gripe is how in some places (like the menus) you need to touch the screen when really you should be able to use controls.

Death to touchscreens! (The backpad i don't mind so much tho)
KevPC  +   847d ago
improve camera quality, maybe analog sticks that click..like the dualshock...umm..4g version...everything else is good for me at the moment. Adding anymore would just make the vita cost more. But honestly i don't wish for a newer ps vita model at the moment since i just bought one during blackfriday. Maybe in 2 years.
chasegarcia  +   846d ago
The camera is a pos. I cannot believe somebody at Sony did not say something about this before release,
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redtideone11  +   846d ago
I will be buying me a back up if i can get around too it. sony alredy said it will not be an upgrade but more of a nerf. none of those i agree with reduce size really are you joking. and i am pretty sureif they could have longer battery it would alredy would have. hdmi was in a dev kit but they will never add one of those it would drive up the cost. sony is losing money on these things it is alredy a heck of a deal for 250$ you guys just need to get your head out of you a&&, the thing is more powerfull then the ipad 3.
strigoi814  +   846d ago
nah. I only think battery life is what i want to be changed
supremacy  +   846d ago
Honestly if i redesigned the vita i would only make some minor changes here and there, for example;

Relocated the analog sticks further down to where the ps button is, so this way the d pad and face buttons are bigger and have space for a more natural dualshock feel.

Now, with that said the next thing i would do is relocate the select and start buttons down the middle where the psvita logo is currently located and in between those two buttons will be the ps button. As for the logo itself, that could go at the center top of the screen, now it wont be as big, but honestly who cares.

Now for some new changes i would add a L2&R2 buttons by simply turning the in dent grip wedges on the back into springy trigger buttons by that same shape only they would now have 3 small grip dots to support heavy usage.

But what about fragmentation? well to put it simply, the vita is still under 5million units a change of this magnitude wouldnt affect their install base or the devs investing in it. Also, whatever these two new trigger buttons bring i am sure devs could and would most likely replicate with the back touchpad. The idea behind these two new trigger buttons is to bring and deliver a closer dualshock experience to those who are willing to pay for it. In time Sony could phase out the older models in favor of the newer and more compatible ones.

Another change will be the inclusion of built in memory, now this could be a real cheap flash memory inside.

Make it(the vita) thinner.

If possible, make the twin sticks clickable, in other words turn them into full r3&l3 buttons like those on a ps3 controller.

And thats it.

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