PS Vita 2000: What should change when the Vita gets redesigned

Gimme Gimme Games writes about what they want to see changed in the eventual PS Vita redesign. Among others they suggest a smaller screen, some internal storage and more.

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LOGICWINS1962d ago

Yeah, I'm holding out for the redesign.

Tired1962d ago

Those were dreadful ideas.

What's the point in keeping the same resolution and adding hdmi out? It would look awful.

In fact if those were implemented. I'd buy another back up vita now. Coz there's no way in hell I'd put money down for the monstrosity they described.

Snookies121962d ago

A... Smaller screen? Why? That's a huge selling point for the Vita is the beautiful big screen.

LOGICWINS1962d ago

100% agree. The big screen IS a selling point as it helps give that "console on the go" experience. Doubt Sony would get rid of it.

LiViNgLeGaCY1962d ago

Completely agree with both of you. I would absolutely NOT want a smaller screen.

Myst1962d ago

Honestly everything listed is pretty much some of the main things people are perhaps looking for. Not sure I could even add to it given that I have a vita I'm okay with it. I mean the battery seems meh at times but that's why I have at least two chargers ( Car and wall ). Though I couldn't see a vita redesign happening for perhaps a few more months maybe into next year around this time some snippets of information will be released about it?

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1962d ago

Only thing it needs is a better camera imo. Hdmi out would be cool but really only 15% of psp owners (if that) actually used it so I doubt sony would waste time on it.

DonMingos1962d ago

An HDMI out, A 32 GB internal storage, increased battery life and R2/L2 buttons for a better use as a PS3/PS4 controller

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The story is too old to be commented.