Trine 2: Director's Cut on Wii U Outperforms Rival Consoles

Trine 2: Director’s Cut has been a high profile launch download on the Wii U eShop, due to its popularity on other formats and eye-catching visuals. Prior to release day it drew a lot of attention for the latter reason, in that it showed off the fact that Wii U was bringing Nintendo into the HD age, and that download titles were coming to the virtual platform that would emphasize that very point.

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Conan-O-Brady1965d ago

The Wii U runs a year old indie game slightly better than it's 7 year old console brethren... A wins a win I guess... Color me impressed....

-Mika-1965d ago

It can't even run the game in 60fps so it not even a win.

PopRocks3591965d ago

Mika, please just shut up. You attacked the Wii U rather vehemently claiming how it was weaker than its competition and a game comes out that turns that claim on its side (or at least throws a massive question mark into the equation).

Downloadable game or not, if this system is weaker, why is outperforming with this one game? Why does it outperform with Nano Assault Neo? Why is it allegedly going to outperform with Aliens? Tell me that.

deafdani1965d ago

Yeah, it runs at 30 fps, same as the other consoles, but with better graphics, better textures, fixed 720p resolution (the other consoles change resolution to maintain frame rate), and more content that's not possible to include on the Xbox 360 and PS3 without downgrading the graphics for those consoles more than they already are (this from Frozenbite themselves, they stated that).

All of this while processing 2 images, one for TV and the other for the Gamepad.

Yeah, epic fail. /s

Neonridr1965d ago

Mika, go take your one bubble and go elsewhere.

The game was capped at 30fps. But guess what, even your precious PS3 looks like garbage in the comparisons between the Wii U and the PS3 versions.

1upgamer991965d ago

This is a good thing. It shows that at launch the Wii U is able to do things that no matter how much tweaking they did other current consoles can not. If you have not played BOPS2 on Wii U, I suggest you sit and play it. It looks better than my PS3 version (I rented the Wii U version) and the gamepad makes that game kick!

Minato-Namikaze1965d ago

Cod isn't graphically impressive, does it look better than killzone 2? Or 3?

dazzrazz1965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

What doesn't look better on PS3 these days ? (besides 1st party titles) everything gets ported from Xbox (because its easier, saves money and time)

1upgamer991964d ago

Killzone, no. My point was it looks a little better on Wii U, its just a port. Graphics are not much better it just looks sharper, but the gamepad is kick!

YoungPlex1965d ago

Nice! I guess I have to check this one out over the weekend... Great job!

richierich1965d ago

Trine 2 DC looks good but should it have so much jaggies or is it my HDTV?

BrianC62341965d ago

This matters why? It's not like Trine 2 is a big game that pushes hardware.

Neonridr1965d ago

Actually this game is quite graphically intensive. Hence the reason why the PS3 and 360 cannot run it at such a high resolution, along with the fact that the Goblin Menace DLC never came out because Frostbyte stated that they didn't want to have to degrade the visuals to accomodate those consoles.

The fact that the Wii U version shares many common things with the PC version shines some light on the fact that if done right, Wii U games can look very good. Obviously the PC version has the top spots because it has the ability to render in 1080p and uses better forms of anti-aliasing. But I have this game on the Wii U and it looks utterly fantastic on my HDTV.

Sure the game isn't CPU intensive, but if developers take the time to utilize the GPGPU properly, some of the burden can be offloaded and handled by the graphics card.

If this game didn't push hardware at all, then the PS3 and 360 would have no problem keeping up with their oh so powerful CPU's.

BrianC62341965d ago

I'm sure the PS3 could easily handle it if the game was made for the PS3. Most third party PS3 games are held back to make sure the 360 version is the same.

Neonridr1964d ago

Huh? The PS3 version is the worst out of all of them. That made absolutely no sense.

YourFlyness1965d ago

So by calling the PS3 and Xbox360 rival console, is that kind of saying the WiiU is not next gen but current gen?

Sarcasm1965d ago

No, its a next-gen console competing with last generation hardware. When the next two consoles come out the universe will re-align itself. Carol, from the walking dead, will finally grow hair. Reggie will finally shut up about graphics.

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The story is too old to be commented.