1069 People Are Playing Black Ops II Online On Wii U Now

Kotaku - 1069 people are playing multiplayer, with 98 people playing Zombies mode on the Wii U version of Black Ops II.

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GraveLord2049d ago (Edited 2049d ago )

Still really low. I bet sales are low, it really is making Activision reconsider the next Call of Duty for Wii U.

-Mezzo-2049d ago

Though it shouldn't, they should/will definitely bring out the next COD on WiiU next year, because by then the WiiU sales will be much, much more that what they are now.

Thatguy-3102049d ago (Edited 2049d ago )

Your right the console user base will expand but would they bother buying it? Hard core games don't sell on Nintendo consoles unless their exclusive none franchise that belong to them. Wonder how well zombie u will did.

ChickeyCantor2049d ago

"Hard core games don't sell on Nintendo consoles"

Not with that mentality.
Remember that CoD on Wii sold over a million. Nothing is stopping anyone getting next Wii U CoD.

t0mmyb0y2049d ago

@dboyc310. Not sure if you have a WiiU but if you do and go to the Miiverse, it gives you a number on each game. My guess is it's how many people have started playing it while being connected to the net. Right now ZombiU has just over double what BO2 has. ZombiU is crazy good. Lots of tension I haven't seen in a game in a while.

DeadlyFire2048d ago

It will still sell enough to break even on WiiU release for this year. Numbers might be small now, but WiiU units are as well in stores. 6 months from now I expect at least 10,000 or more concurrent BO2 players on WiiU.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2048d ago (Edited 2048d ago )

If it was xbox 720 that number would say "1,000,001"

cod sucks though..

I think everyone should just buy zombieU.

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Godchild10202049d ago (Edited 2049d ago )

I dont think it would. It came out right after the home console versions. And I doubt a lot of people would hold off buying COD, for another platform if they already have a Clan or friends on their current platform to play with.

Next year, we will see. Then again it is Activision.

deafdani2049d ago

Why? Wii U is a new console, whereas Xbox 360 and PS3 had 6-7 years to build up an install base. I think the logical thing to expect is that Wii U's fanbase will only grow larger over time, and likewise, the community would also grow bigger on future COD releases for Wii U.

kupomogli2049d ago

When the install base grows larger, I'm sure most that have more than just the Wii U will play the game on the same system they've played the rest of the series on.

If you play CoD, you've probably got friends that you party with, and have partied with since you started playing.

jmc88882049d ago

Highly doubt it. It's funny people say...reconsider the next Call of if it costs alot to make a Wii U version.

With the decline across the board of CoD sales, down double digits for two years in a row. Having the Wii U version softens that blow. It's actually imperative for them to have a Wii U version. Not the other way around. They need the Wii U more than the Wii U needs them. Though in reality they both need each other.

For this time 1000 people online is actually pretty good. It'll keep going up and up. By this time next year, there will probably be somewhere around 10 million Wii U's around the world. Of course they'll release it.

Why is everyone forgetting something called common sense. This is what happens when new systems get launched.

bothebo2049d ago

I'd like to ask you why Activision needs the Wii U when most of Nintendo's customers are kids. As previously mentioned in an earlier post, only 1 mil copies sold on the Wii. That is pathetic compared to the PS3 and 360. You say Activision needs the Wii U. WHY? It doesn't need it at all. It needs new systems that can provide an actual jump in hardware and allow for more innovations with the games they make.

"Why is everyone forgetting something called common sense."
Yeah why are you forgetting about common sense.

quantae062049d ago (Edited 2049d ago )

@bothebo I'm sure Activision likes to make money. The Wii helped Activision make money, despite a lower sale rate then 360/PS3. Selling over a million on the Wii still gave them a profit. So, it would make since for them to go Wii U. Selling only on 360/PS3 would mean a bit less money, when all 3 consoles could benefit them in the end.

Triggytrolls2049d ago

I really wouldn't care if they made the next cod for the wiiu or not. It's not like we would be missing out on much.

As for the player count, I would wait until after Christmas, and then see what it's like.

Trunkz Jr2048d ago (Edited 2048d ago )

You know how many kids/teens have their Wii U wrapped up and under their Christmas Tree right now?

hivycox2048d ago

trolling at its finest -.-
The system just got launched captain obvious..

Apex132048d ago

How many people played on Wii? How many are playing on other platforms and when did they tell you they are reconsidering or is this your industry expert view?

Dumb comment.

ZombieKiller2047d ago

why? you know they still made a profit considering how cheaply they port them to PS3 and other systems. Then again, I guess that a job well done considering microsoft paid em to act like that. They want people to think that if you want call of duty, you gotta buy 360. sucks because I know my PS3 is way better than my xbox. i see it everyday first hand. Is it ironic that the Black Ops 2 trailer states that TECHNOLOGY IS GETTING STRONGER yet they have faith in the weaker system. HAHAHA, i like COD but hate all the crazy bullshit surrounding it.

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Cam9772049d ago

This unfortunately will hurt the Wii U when it comes to future releases. So much so that BO:D is more popular. Oh well, the U doesn't need big yearly releases for it has the classics everybody loves - only on Wii U!

typikal822049d ago

Wonder how many are on BO:D right now?

Kingthrash3602049d ago

So now we're comparing it to a first year handheld with a lower rated game? You Make it sound worse than better. Don't compare the wiiU with the vita.... Ever, especially if your trying to make a point. You can't compare the two.... If you woulda said I wonder how many people are playing BO:D on the 3ds and compared it to the vita then you'd have an argument (even though 3ds doesn't have a cod yet but you get my point.) your just making the wii look bad friend . Stop it with the negativity its not helping

On to the topic yes the numbers are low,the wii u is new and sold out. not too many people have it. most have already bought bo2 for thier ps3 or Xbox anyway. Wait till next year and compare the numbers. this article was made to ruffle feathers. if anyone's butt hurt about these numbers it's should be Nintendo and the devs... Us as gamers need to stfu and play... Enjoy games people.... Dam yall acting like kids.. Rant ended.

profgerbik2048d ago (Edited 2048d ago )

^ that guy needs to chill out, all you did was just wonder.

I actually wonder also it isn't insulting, he never said Nintendo's CoD player base won't get any better.

He just simply asked and the other guy just brought it up.

Thing is why would anyone expect it to be more popular? It's moronic because everyone already owned it for Xbox 360 and PS3.. I mean it's really that simple.

It's a port that came out late when literally millions of copies of that game were already sold on other consoles.. It doesn't take a neurosurgeon to see that clearly this one will be less popular because people already own it on another system.

Most CoD fans I can promise you were not waiting around for the Wii U's version. Has nothing to do with the version itself just the fact they aren't going to wait to play CoD.

porkChop2048d ago


Sold out? Not here. All the Wal Marts, Best Buys, EB Games, etc. have tons of Wii U's. Nobody's buying it because it's too much money for so little, and it's been proven to be quite a bit slower than current consoles. Gamers aren't stupid. A lot of gamers were burned by the Wii, it got some good exclusives, but 90% of Wii games were just shovelware and cash-ins. They're not falling for it again.

e-p-ayeaH2049d ago

Not surprised many people didn't bought the Wii U lately just to play CoD.

Holeran2049d ago (Edited 2049d ago )

It will be much higher right after Christmas. People have plent of Wii U's wrapped up under a tree right now with Black Ops II in another wrapped package right next to it. Lots of kids are going to be getting this for Christmas.

Thepcz2049d ago

it was released at this time to cash in with christmas. so for many people they will be playing the wiiu for the first time at christmas.

obviously with whatever game/s they get with it.

quantae062049d ago

January too! That's when I'm buy this game, and Mario Bros U with a Wii U. I already have Assassins Creed 3 for it. Plus income taxes are dropping. I'm selling Nintendoland $35-40 on Ebay because I'm going Deluxe. :D

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