Ubisoft Publisher Sale On Xbox Live Detailed, 30 Games & DLC Discounted

The Ubisoft Publisher Sale on Xbox Live has finally begun and it includes a bunch of discounted games and DLC.

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Dante1121779d ago

Sweet Assassin Creed discounts.

TrendyGamers1779d ago

Yeah, it's always nice to see the DLC on sale.

BringingTheThunder1779d ago

from dust at 400 would have been more tempting

Relientk771779d ago

Assassin's Creed II for $10 is such an a deal its a ridiclous, one of the best games of this generation, in my opinion.

aquamala1779d ago

these are $5 on Steam sales, way overpriced on XBL.

MasterD9191778d ago

Still working my way through AC3 but I may end up picking up the AC2 & AC:Revelations DLC on sale.