9 Wishes for Microsoft’s Next Xbox, Whatever It’s Called

Time - Citing the usual sources-who-shall-remain-namel ess, Bloomberg reports what everyone’s been assuming all year — that Microsoft‘s going to launch its next game system sometime in late 2013. All that seems left to deduce, then, is when Microsoft’s going to lift the curtain: at the E3 video games expo in June, or a Microsoft-specific event.

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GalacticEmpire1783d ago

My wishes:

Free basic online play
Reliable Hardware
Non-proprietary HDDs
Rechargeable controllers
Decent controller d-pad
No power brick


Intentions1782d ago (Edited 1782d ago )

+ have the ability to record gameplay [built in] :D

Built in rechargeable battery, charge through USB cable, like the PS3.

GalacticEmpire1782d ago

Good idea about recording gameplay.

I meant that about the batteries when I said "rechargeable controllers".

WeskerChildReborned1782d ago

Yea i would like to be able to record my gameplay easily.

Felinox1782d ago

Sleep mode
Way less load time in general.

I love pretty graphics, but between booting and loading way too much time is wasted.

animegamingnerd1782d ago

free online
no more hardware problems like the RROD and the console break disc
focus more on the core gamers instead of trying to be a all in one media platform
good games

Belking1782d ago

You can forget free online. That isn't gonna happen. There has always been plenty of core games and that won't change. All i want is a reliable console with a boost in power and everything thing else will work out for itself.

BitbyDeath1782d ago

free online
more first party games
no mandatory gimmicks

KMCROC1782d ago

More first party games
Reliable console with a boost in power
Have the ability to record gameplay

Ben_Grimm1782d ago

Decent d-Pad
Play MKV files
Play and view CBR files
Able to play the music apps while playing games

Perfect Dark
Crackdown 3
Fable 4 (really curious to see this game with Molyneux's input and over promising features.)

Free Online

Why are guys still saying RRoD? This hasn't been relevant for the last 5 years.

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The story is too old to be commented.