Time - Review: Android Game Controllers Turn Phones and Tablets into Portable Gaming Systems

Time - Not long ago, serious gamers were practically obligated to turn their noses up at smartphones and tablets. These simple devices, with their touchscreen controls and endless Angry Birds spin-offs, were an affront to the weightier endeavor of shooting aliens and zombies in the face–or so the thinking went.

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rustyspoon801999d ago

Sony should have marketed the Xperia Play better. Then we might have seen a 2nd one. With today's tech they could easily squeeze the size down.

cee7731999d ago

Your just better off using the ds3 on android it is plug and play on many games.

kingPoS1999d ago (Edited 1999d ago )

Not to mention the accelerometers in the DS3. When properly paired with smart phones you suddenly have something to control most games with.