DualPLAY Prototype Peripheral Actually Makes PlayStation Move Look Interesting

The PlayStation Move is in the frustrating predicament of being wonderful unique technology that simply isn’t supported by enough of the right content. But even if Sony had put a lot of developer support behind the platform, the lack of dual analog sticks always limits immersion, which makes this new peripheral from Playhouse Entertainment oh so interesting.


You can support the development of the peripheral directly by pre-ordering your own pair!

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doctorstrange1995d ago

Definitely hope this gets funding + content after, totally solves my motion controller hates.

Sev1995d ago

That is pretty cool, but doesn't Sony have patents on something similar to this? Plus, software would have to be made for it.

NewMonday1994d ago

Sony should have just put the analog on the Move controller from the start instead of letting market analysts make the decision

Welshy1995d ago

This actually looks really fudging cool..

Now all PS3 needs is a Penumbra/Amnesia equivalent to play in a dark room, in front of a 50" TV and 5.1 surround, now THAT would be both immersive and terrifying.

Axecution1995d ago

REALLY cool. Wish the Move was released as just one of these Move+Nav combo device things. Would be so much better.

Sadly, as a peripheral, i dont think this would sell very well since you would need 2 moves, 2 navs, and 2 holders for them. :/

Still awesome though haha

kneon1994d ago

I've said before that there should never have been a nav controller, they should have just put an analog stick on the main controller. That way with two controllers you can do everything the DS3 can do and more, just as the video shows.

Abdou231995d ago

I prefer a screen in my controller than this.

Obnoxious_Informer1994d ago

This is either brilliant satire or really stupid...either way I enjoy it.

CyrusLemont1995d ago

Really amazed at this concept, if this was the standard controller coupled with next gen systems, I think it would actually be a winner. It offers a level of interactivity mobile devices cannot achieve and has the best of motion controller and tactile control. It also doesn't seem to be strenuous on the gamer even if you were playing for a few hours. What would be even more awesome is if the controller was in the shape of a normal PS3 controller and could be split for this gaming and snapped back together for standard stuff. I'm getting ahead of myself haha

BenRage31995d ago

Sony already filed for a patent for that exact thing.

TABSF1995d ago

and as you can see in the video done on a Windows 7 PC

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The story is too old to be commented.