Why "Super Smash Bros." Clones are Doomed from the Start

What are the biggest reasons why so many clones fail to overthrow Smash Bros. if it's supposedly such a simple game?

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mcmmaster1602d ago (Edited 1602d ago )

Great read that was, loved D.O.N on the PS2. I reckon it mimicked the Smash style pretty good with a bit of uniqueness for the win condition... something All Stars seemed to have taken influence from.

MariaHelFutura1602d ago (Edited 1602d ago )

Nintendo fans are very sensitive, they don't like games that resemble other games of theirs, epecially now since Nintendo is lagging behind in terms of system power. If Mario and Link aren't in it, it sucks. Such a sad mindstate really. Just like people that think Nintendo doesn't have good games because they have less system power.

AquaRabbit1602d ago

As a Nintendo fan, I welcome Smash clones. It gives me a chance to play Smash, but with characters Nintendo wouldn't consider using. Yeah, there's always hacks (textures, movesets, music, and stages can all be modded with little effort on legacy Wii, but that still requires going out of your way for the experience)

If the game is horrid, the game is horrid. The reason Smash is the standard is because Smash is just a good game series.

I always considered these "party brawlers" as a subgenre of fighting games. I wouldn't mind seeing more games like them.

Deku-Johnny1602d ago

"epecially now since Nintendo is lagging behind in terms of system power." Even though they have the most powerful console available...

jon12341602d ago

there should be a doom, to all these doom articles... oh and to their authors as well :)

SnakeCQC1602d ago

nintendo fanboys are doomed

AquaRabbit1602d ago

This... could make for a great reboot.

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The story is too old to be commented.