Age of Conan To Corner 'Adolescent Fantasy' Market

Sex, violence... short of randomly tossing in drugs and rock 'n' roll, Age of Conan (the first Mature-rated MMO title) has its bases covered in cornering the "adolescent fantasy" market.

As Age of Conan director Gaute Godager and his team of developers demonstrated the title, Game|Life was shown endgame dungeons, mounted combat and the title's guild concept.

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Azures3776d ago

Their is nothing adolescent about boobs. Thats adult lol.

bootsielon3776d ago

Way to give video games some respect, morons. That's why FOX news and their douchbags keep treating games as child's play.

Noodlecup3776d ago (Edited 3776d ago )

in real boobs, not virtual ones. The title got it right.