PS3:Geomeric's Enlighten GDC 2008 Demonstration

Geomerics revealed that it has completed work on its 'Enlighten ' software for the PlayStation 3.

This video shows the effect that Enlighten can have in real-time scenes. Geomerics demonstrate here how real-time radiosity can dramatically alter the mood and feel of a scene, and how it can boost visual quality. They also contrast it with scenes that don't feature radiosity at all to highlight the differences Enlighten can make to games.


Click the link that I posted in the comments section.

Also for the X360 & PC. Sorry i didn't notice the ending.

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Rice3658d ago

Wat i wanted to see the video.... why is it gone.....

C_SoL3658d ago

sorry about that. I don't know what happen.

mintaro3658d ago

uber was removed....

PirateThom3658d ago

It's a lighting demo, it was pretty cool and seems to be something that can be integraded into many game engines for PS3, 360 and PC.

rofldings3658d ago

Damn Youtubian censorship!

jackdoe3658d ago

Damn, video link is dead. Anyway, improved lighting is always a positive. One weakness in a lot of next gen games are their shadow systems so hopefully this new tech works and is accepted.

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The story is too old to be commented.