Sound Shapes Getting Sound Packs and a Curved Terrain Pack Today, Celeb Curated Levels Next Year

We fell in love with indie PS3 and Vita game Sound Shapes when it released this summer, with the musical Play.Create.Share platformer ticking all our boxes and quickly building up a small but vibrant content-creating community. Luckily, that community is in for a treat as three sound packs and a terrain pack will be coming to the US PlayStation Store today. - PSLS

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alexcosborn1505d ago

Love me some Sounds Shapes!

lauraphillips51505d ago ShowReplies(1)
dbjj120881505d ago

Yes! More Sound Shapes, always more.

KangarooSam1505d ago

I was hoping there would be DLC, this is great news :D

Tired1505d ago

They are asking what people want as dlc next on twitter. Said there would be new albums as well as new instruments.

knifefight1505d ago

Awesome, I love that kind of interactivity from a dev!