IGN reviews Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney

Closing comments from the review by Colin Moriarty of IGN:

"Apollo Justice surprised us. This may just be yet another of Capcom's infamous rehashes, but it's so much more enjoyable than most that it's extremely hard to ignore. Going into playing this game expecting nothing but the same old-same old shtick, I was extremely excited when I realized that old and new could be melded so nicely. Capcom appeared to pay attention to their startling trend and tried to do something about it. The gameplay and static looks of Apollo Justice are just as we've seen them before, and the music will be both familiar and new, but Apollo Justice retains a lot of the charm Phoenix Wright held before it, and adds to the series' legacy. What's old is new again, and damn good, too."

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lonestarmt3831d ago

yup I have to agree! I got it yesterday! Love this series and hope it doesn't end soon! Thank you capcom for not running this one into the ground!