Home news from GDC 08

LusoPlay has recieved new details about Home, LittleBigPlanet and in-game XMB.

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timmyp533832d ago

seems to be just about what everyone else has been saying.

sonarus3832d ago

well i am still hoping. Cnt wait to download the updates its been a long wait but 360 aint got nothing on ps3 anymore. Now its a level playing field. They must fight to win the hearts of us gamers over games and nothing else. PS3 exclusives must do battle with 360 exclusives pokemon style and mgs4 i choose you. lol gettin a lil excited today too much good news got me remembering my pokemon yellow filled childhood

kevoncox3832d ago

How can you say that. lets wait and see if Sony gives us cross game comunications. It could be some tact on In game messaging. To just blindly say..MS and Sony are now equalled would be kind of stupid or fanboyish...... now which one are you?

gonzopia3832d ago

It's not quite what everyone has been saying. I've read rumours that it's "VERY VERY VERY close" and that it would be shown at GDC, but this also tells me the public beta will begin during GDC (at least that's how I read it) and we'll get to see how in-game XMB works.

Buubar3832d ago (Edited 3832d ago )

PLEASE read the article again it says:

Furthermore, a big announcement of Home, the public Beta is here. Details to follow at this year's GDC.

Which basically means we will have the HOME beta after GDC if this source is anything to go by

sonarus3832d ago

i dnt care if lives version is better as long as it does what its supposed to do. Its all about the functionality for me

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Le-mo3832d ago

Never heard of LusoPlay. Is this even credible?

TheHater3832d ago

Creditable or now, I just hope we get some new info this week.

mariusmal3832d ago

its from portugal... and nothing that comes from here is credible eheheh

ps. yes im from portugal. and yes im bashing our gaming sites.

cellypower3832d ago

Live audio feed and sometimes cam feed @ of gdc

DrPirate3832d ago

Set rumours to Rapid Fire

games4fun3832d ago

you made me laugh, although i hope its true and i think it will likely happen but it still hasnt been announced

Darkiewonder3832d ago

It's more like "Keep coming and give us traffic"

I'll wait for Jeff from the to send information or any other site like 1up, gamespot, etc. for new information.

diefor3832d ago (Edited 3832d ago )

All that today is rumor. This is true. Not rumor fired at all. Is from a secure source. Dont fire please the comments.

Darkiewonder3832d ago

I came in here thinking they had news. but They were like "Come back here again and again and we'll give you some news later. maybe new. maybe from other sites"

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The story is too old to be commented.